Marriage Business: Myths And Reality

Be Careful: Fraud

Marriage to a national (citizen) USA-cherished desire myriad Russian "guests" of America, especially those who have long expired permitted stay in the United States, as well as those who passed all stages of the Immigration Deportation court.

Legally and practically law allows the marriage to a citizen of the United States (citizen), as the territory of the United States and beyond.

The procedure for marriage, in particular, the state and city of New York, simple and not expensive. It consists of two phases: the first day after filing future wife application and pay a $ 30 fee receive a "Marriage License, and for the second day in the same building Bogought office in the presence of witnesses at least 18 years in a solemn setting marry and receive "Marriage Certificate", which is the marriage certificate. Please pay attention reader that the late White Maps ", the form I-94 is not an impediment to the marriage and get as Marriage License" and "Marriage Certificate". The main condition is that the alien spouse of, means not overdue, a document certifying his (her) identity, such as passports or driving licences (any state).

Second, and equally important condition is that one or two individuals at the time of their entry into marriage is not at the same time, married to a third party.

Registration of marriage itself, as described above, does not mean that a foreign spouse (foreigner) automatically receive legal status of a permanent resident in the United States the right to work and free exit from the United States and the ensuing free entry back into the country. Marriage foreign (alien) with a national (citizen) of the United States means only that spouse can and should apply to the INS package, carefully and intelligently prepared to follow through interviews.

INS verification on the basis of these documents will designate after 9 to 12 months of their receipt interview both spouses, which will verify the veracity and truthfulness prisoner marriage. Only sure of the interview that the parties have entered into marriage with love and with a sincere desire to establish a family, the INS decides to issue a spouse of foreign temporary green card for two years.

One year and nine months spouse file a joint petition, the form I - 751 to replace a temporary green card for permanent.

After passing the interview alien spouse obtains lawful permanent resident status of the United States.

This complex process of verification true marriage in the United States since 1986 by a law adopted by Congress. Law "The Immigration Marriage Fraud Amendments (IMFA) is a law against deception and fraud in marriage to a foreigner.

The purpose of the Act - to minimize the number of so-called "business marriages", means marriages only for a green card.

It is known that many Russian-speaking guests, wishing to legalize themselves, face to the slippery and the overwhelming majority of the precarious path of entry into the business marriage. The scheme involving the Russian-speaking guest (or guests) in such a marriage is very primitive and is approximately as follows: newly "friends" guest (or guests) offer "groom" and "bride" for the "moderate", as they say, price. Those "friends", but in fact, dealers say that if the marriage business is $ 15,000, in their case, it will cost less, the $ 10 - 12,000. They are assured of the reliability and honesty recommended groom (or bride) - American citizens. However, as a rule, "husband" and "bride" is in need of material sense, people with acute shortage of decency.

As is the procedure in connection with the legalization of marriage in the United States multiple (as mentioned above), at every stage of its American husband (or wife) in the vast majority of cases, extort from their foreign spouse (or spouses) a great deal of money, threatening every time so something is not going to interview or write a letter to the INS that would divorce from foreign wife and not appear for interviews, etc. etc.

Often such spouses are citizens of the United States, in addition to money forced their foreign spouse to cohabitation, blackmailed and threatened with deportation.

In short, usually a business marriage does not bode well for a foreign (alien).

Moreover, swindlers, and, unfortunately, little of the Russian-speaking population of New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and other cities in the United States, often offer foreign bride or groom expedited procedure for passing INS interviews in connection with marriage. These frauds said (of course, this is a lie), that since they are in INS its people, an additional $ 3,000 they can accelerate the date of the interview, means keep waiting time from 10 to 12 months to three.

For more admissible above those frauds provide to the bride - foreign (or groom) lucky (lucky"), which is allegedly, three months after filing for INS interviews and has successfully obtained green card. Such trading is simple-fraudulently obtaining money. Grave danger for the foreign fiance (bride) services "marriage" that offer, if necessary to produce, (obviously false) certificate of divorce, while in reality, such a marriage is not dissolved foreigner.

INS reliably known such trickery Russian "folk" and "marriage". With the slightest doubt INS sends to the American embassy in the other republics of the former Soviet Union request. Law enforcement and ZAGS give in response to a request from the U.S. embassy accurate response. In the end, a marriage based on forged documents to be invalid, but with respect to such alien spouse initiated deportation process.

Serious difficulties arise from a foreign spouse into the business marriage to a citizen (citizen) USA-recipient of Social Security Number or welfare.

Normally this need and not disinterested people whose actions led enterprising "marriage" often legally illiterate. And if the couple dies before the INS interview, the outcome in most cases inappropriate for a foreign spouse.

There is a need to bear in mind that marriage with the intention to create a true family requires a serious, thorough preparation for the INS interview. This is because the INS officer did not know what the couple came to the interview, namely, whether agreed with the husband or wife is the couple, came into the marriage business, where, for example, the foreign spouse in 1952, and her husband-citizen USA only 40 years.

Caution should be Russian brides and bridegrooms from possible fraud on the part of their future husbands (wives) of the United States. Cheating is based on ignorance of the English language and foreign immigration legislation dollars. Is it as follows: United States citizen-groom holds his foreign bride only the first stage, that is receiving "Marriage License, but she said that marriage is and all that, like in the manner and must wait a year green card. In fact, duration of the laysensa expires after 60 days, after his extradition, the marriage is concluded, as a victim of deception and not suspects.

A year later, when finally detected deception, a foreign spouse hands with his so-called husband, a citizen of the United States, which it paid for Mythical marriage and "money" and "kind".

Another rare form of deception foreign spouse is filing her American husband in the prior INS is not the complete package of documents, often with deliberate distortion pleased data. This leads to the return of documents, which delayed the process of obtaining green cards, or is a member of the INS during the interview seriously doubt the truth and righteousness of marriage. These examples are not limited to fraud, used in a number of cases "husband" and "bride" of the United States.

Of all said to be one inescapable conclusion: "otmer seven times, once ask," ie russian "guest" of this country should consider thoroughly before make "marriage business" is really too risky in all respects event.

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