Marriage Gambler

"Marriage gambler" to learn somehow, deep, the experience of women in need of attention. And he did more and emphasizing it does not know how.

The "marriage gambler" is the idea-heating all women on the ground and "heat" at the same time. Because "heat" is the basic form, which was hidden in the pretty wrapping "heating".

It sure is a hysterical person, but with compassion towards women. He hears it in a compassionate. Otherwise, he could not be with so many women, so many of deception, with the number of marriages, because in doing so, he violated an existing conditionality. Is conditionality imposed society, we have within us, and just hysterical may violate conditions without understanding, otherwise there would be many men become marital swindlers. They have robbed women of compassion, flatter them for a while.

The marriage gambler may not be everyone. As a man found itself in the marriage swindle ? In his usual female. It has a certain charisma, a magnetism. The woman suddenly lacking in the armful, says the house is worse, shoe, clothing, spend money on it, iron on the head and say : "You do not work, Stay at home, I just warm. I am delighted that you, I have ! " And he triggered the alarm system : "As everything is going well!" . While he was in the embrace of one, there are already comes another friend, a neighbour. So, this flame of compassion, to the location of his grave to women (he himself may not be aware of this), women are meet together. They called and lured him and inaccessible by all available means.

Women carry it from house to house as "rolling red flag." Once transferred, two survive, and that he feels comfortable and welcome. Another man would have received a heart attack : "What to do with them? This is the one you do not know how to deal! " And it passed from hand to hand and each knows how to be. Women give him better, and he begins realize that it is well in a floating condition. When he had "realized ", it takes the initiative in their own hands : why he must attempted the cuttlefishes , if he can find the women to his taste, in the notion of a presentation about sex, in their interest.

And then he went hunting. He has come, he is developing plans to whom he would be "taken alive" - and is. He is experienced, he has arrange of women, and now goes to the upper levels : that is, whose money or more who get a piece. And it happens that everywhere he families of children everywhere. He is willing to marry women of the world. If you look in his eyes, we can see that he feels very good. We need to remember him, you can hang him in the chest Order because none Carl with his psyche and mind are unable to cope with a woman, a marriage swindler managed deceive scores with a very feels well. It's like playing poker, but here in card-playing women. It is fondly to think that the player is the only casino, green carpet, maps, etc. None. You will meet the phenomenon where people are playing cards. Nymphomania, for example, is a game in which cards are men. And the marriage is a gambler game, a good game, but a man who has a location inside the woman. He could not change women unless they are located, or women repel it, it just inside the location allows it to do.

Gingerbread floating, all want and allure : "Come here " - and he rolls. This is a game with his life. If you ask about women, they all answered that this was the best man in their lives. He ripped them, but they remember him with fondness because he was inside the location of the woman. Marriage is not a gambler, without compassion inside. He therefore many women gave children warmth, he gave what was not given. And they are bored, they hurt, they name. Silva is just obayashka. So this game. This is a real game, and he had it as fish- pilot ...

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