Marriage Swindlers

Argument and Facts (St. Petersburg), No. 007 / February 14, 2007; Page 21

Rubber stamp for Madame Gritsatsuevoy

February 14, 2007

Stories of marriage swindlers many are smiling. But their sacrifices are not fun. Modern Ostap Benders still needed latitude and soul of tenderness, and his top money square metres.

Apartment for bonds of Gimeneya

Members of the Criminal Investigation Petersburg New Year have become familiar with national N., which will save their beloved of surplus real estate.

Lonely 35-year-old peterburzhenka met in summer time with handsome middle-aged men. From August to October 2006 they had developed strong relationship. By promising to marry, subtle little convincing their passion to sell her apartment on the street Dimitrova that in the near future "to improve the living conditions" to develop with money to buy a joint family nest.

Love Dame, of course, nothing is suspected and sold their homes. At the next visit, she presented the future spouse 2 million rubles. This visit was the last. Animal disappeared with the money. The bride also had no choice but to go to a police station. Fortunately, detectives quickly caught fraudster and even recovered from his possession of the stolen money that he had not yet had time to spend.

Now both heroes of the marriage and criminal history does not expect romance visiting investigator in the office and in court.

Generally, marriage swindlers are rarely brought to the dock, either because the talk Penal Code, or because not all women are willing to go to the police and confess their credulity. Over the past seven years in the field of law enforcement were only two such offender. In 2000, Ukraine deported a lovely polygamy. Before the regular harass the wife he married it honestly. Such marriages it had about seven.

In 2001, Nevsky District Court of St. Petersburg, was sentenced to four years' imprisonment for stealing a Oleg K. After contacting the ad in the newspaper, a young woman with whom he had had a romantic date, lost their jewelry. Operatives Criminal Investigation caught shield fellow. It turned out that Oleg K. earns his living such "knowledge", was convicted of similar crimes before, and have waged a life of this gigolos. Familiar with the women for the announcement came at their expense, and incidentally match through all the sections in newspapers seeking new victims.

Experience has shown that trap, denounce marriage swindlers can be quite rare. These fraudsters tuba, playing with women's feelings, as a rule, good psychologists. For each of its victims are seeking special treatment, beautifully tended, say the right words, attitudes vigilance "bride" and then clean out it as sticky.

Tricks for ring

Naturally, they all have their marriage fraud tricks. A psychologist in the two accounts expose fake groom. Unfortunately, not all women psychologists and too gullible. But the gambler can determine, it is essential to abide by common sense, not emotion. So what techniques are most often used by swindlers?

The method first.

Classics for marriage rogue is accidental exposure. It can happen anywhere-in the streets, in cafes, in the theatre. The marriage marriage swindler responsive, tend to be well looked galanten very otzyvchiv. Caring for all rules, flowers, candies ... Job usually refers to the most romantic-pilot, doctor, artist, etc. quickly settled in the apartment of his future wife. After several visits beginning endlessly talk about marriage. Disappears suddenly, after a severe financial infusion from the ladies, or Itombwe her savings and jewellery.

Method Two.

Friends of marriage ads in the newspaper. Victims mostly ladies from 30 to 35 years old, single, with a flat. Can live near future wife a long time, at its expense. He speaks a lot of compliments, but to work in no hurry. Disappears as soon as the end of the ladies money.

Method third.

Look for ads on the Internet. Friends talk about their career successes and failures in his personal life. Often complaining about the lack of female attention. Disappears after the first date, put purse and jewelry.

Method fourth.

A special room for marriage swindlers are sites dating. This fraudster puts ladies in mind romantic letters and phone calls, and when "customer ready" occurs, combine in the trust, then lure out money. In marriage swindlers Petersburg, recently, many foreigners who lured a naive Russian women with promises of paradise. There are many in Turkey, the Arab Emirates and Egypt.

According to psychologists, marriage swindlers least skilled in the art advances for women and have oratorical ability. Many are professional courses massage. Some practice Tantric sex to "bring to mind ladies." Particularly dangerous owned equipment hypnosis.


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