Meeting With The Scammer, Of Course, Unforgettable

I looked through newspaper page "Secrets of temptation" and found there an article

"Meeting with marriage gambler" Interesting, it says something Viktor Vasilev showed his humorous all right. Even so.

How much is his recommendation to the women's relatives costs who must save her from the gambler? Here's a recommendation: "The relatives and friends just to be vigilant and try to check the seed unknown origin appears" pilot”, “sailor” or “reconnaissance aircraft”, which, with the same success can be "general", "surgeon," " the engineer, veterinarian, and in fact, anyone, but not those for whom claims to be!

Next citizen Vasilev advised under any pretext, or even smuggled button and write documents in the agency that issued them to get out response. Humorist, of course, the Vasilev. But the most interesting-forward.

Literate and well-read author, I am afraid to think that he was personally offended by marriage or cheated offenced someone among them, encouraging families: the passport has a registration . It should motivate you, and a check – if this person real or not, he is it like to have and whether the issue of internal affairs of the city, usually every marriage swindlers are nonresident - passport in the name of the man. Suddenly document is a fake? And a man is fake? - I wonder.

But this is unlikely. Vasilyev did not keep silent: "If you are unable to obtain the documents and read them, find a friend policeman, give it to visit a relative or friend: necessarily in the form and unexpectedly. Let it under the good pretense -Policemen know how to do this – ask to show the documents. "Interesting, if you have no friend policeman, what to do? Maybe start to get acquainted with the policemen, and then to look for a husband? And if the policeman will be gambler? So, how we can recognize if this policeman real, and Vasiliev citizen?

And what then: "Is practices endless questioning, you just point to the door of urgency, and that is troubling symptom: as a trader, a spy, for fear to blunder tension details, he did not recall that spoke yesterday!" And: "Good results and a discussion of" very rich bride, and Putting money "dolls" and fake jewelry. " What are you doing, Vasiliev what things do you teach the girls? They will bore a man with questions to check whether he remembers that yesterday said. And if people drink and forgot a little bit, that he is in the list of scammers.

In short, I am sorry the girls those who read such “clever things” different authors there. Never advise implement tips Vasiliev in his unclever article, do you groom potential victims (Vasilyev has already made its suspect), and what advantages for you then to live with a quiet person? Therefore, the girls are asking not to think about basketball too bad and keep away from suspicious types who write articles against dozens of marriage. Girls, refuse in tenderness.

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