Men - Advice And Secrets About What A Man Thinks

What do men want? Most men want a sense of security but besides that they want too feel they can trust you. Men also want to take care of women to some degree (not completely just enough to feel manly). Men usually like a little excitement in their lives.

Men want a women who will make them feel good especially in these times where most women have gotten bad advice from TV that tells them lies on how they should be.

The point is that Women should do their best to make the man in their life happy and the Man should do the same for her no matter what the brain washed people on TV say.

A man's desire for excitement comes from their animal instinct to find food for their mate and desire to chase women. Women are naturally passive. Women have a desire to nurture a desire excitement, competition and stuff like that.

The mind of men

Most men are not psychic and therefore can't guess what women want. Men don't work at the same intuitive level that many women do. Men are understand "spaces" and visual things more accurately them women. Women deal with communication and socialize more accurately then men. Its just the way nature works (in fact, it's been scientifically proven). We can't all be the same. Its just the way nature is.

A Man's physical desires

At times men can get too excited and do things at a purely animalistic way with women but they can control themselves if they are gently persuaded and not manipulated. Many times women try to "control" men through flirting, teasing, sax, or other things men desire instead of doing it for mutual enjoyment. Those kind of games are a form of abuse. Those games are usually the reason men start blocking their feelings or hiding them. This blocking of feelings and hiding leads to emotional breakdowns or violent explosions. Unfortunately men will usually go through all kinds of things to get their desires fulfilled even if they're being emotionally played with. Sad but true. Sure things might go a women's way for that day but lies and emotional games usually end relationships or lead to violence.

What's one of the strongest desires a man has?

Men have a natural and usually passionate desire to pursue women. It's in a man's jeans (I mean genes). Finding a good woman is what most men desire. Anyway, the best way to live happily around men is to be honest and considerate. Its quite simple but it usually works best when both people are (unless one is "sick" in someway and the other is trying to heal the relationship). Most men can be amazing individuals if they are treated with respect and so on.

Of course, not all men are alike and most are different... the fact remains that some things have been proved by science to be true and generally correct and women should know that. Most men can be understood with some generalizations (most of the time but not always). I'm sure there are plenty of men who don't fit all of these simple characteristics but their natural animal instincts still dwells deep within all of them and here you'll read about it. Hopefully you can learn about a man in your life by analyzing his actions and taking all he shows you into consideration so you can truly understand him and live happily.

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