Men And Women Do Think Differently

Men and women think differently. At least from what people sex, depending internal structure and functioning of the brain. This is evidenced by a new study, the results of which were published in the journal NeuroImage.

The human brain consists mainly of two different types biomaterials called gray matter and white matter. A new study shows that men think more reliance on the gray matter (as it has been rightly observed the great sleuth Hercule Poirot), but women think mainly by white substance (do not know). Researchers stress that despite the fact that the process of thinking people of both sexes use different intellectual tools, in fact it does not affect the actual reasoning of the (nu-nu, of course ...).

Professor of Psychology Richard Haer (Richard Haier) from the University of California at Irvine (University of California, Irvine, UCI, the Office of Pediatrics) conducted the study with colleagues from the University of New Mexico (University of New Mexico), using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), based on the application of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) that is now the most widely used in western medicine. This is a technique specifically the so-called "vokselnoy mg (voxel-based morphometry). YAMR-pictures superimposed on structural road map of the brain, some brain tissue compared field of cognitive activity. The result show that men used an average of nearly 6.5 times more gray matter related to the universality of thought, while women can boast nearly 10 times more involved in the white matter.

"These results give us know that human evolution has created two fundamentally different types of mental abilities in favour of equally good behaviour, " said Haer. "And if we can accurately identify those areas that are responsible for intelligence and depends on gender, we can potentially help dementia and other diseases related to the disorder of the brain.

"The human brain gray matter is a collection of information processing centers, while white matter (nerve fibers) works as a communication network for information transfer between these centres. The nerve fibers in the white matter shared associative, and komissuralnye projection. Associative fiber link across the crust of the same hemisphere.

They are divided into short and long. Short fiber link neighbouring Brains in the form of curved beams. Long associative fibers connect more distant from each other sites crust. Komissuralnye fibers that make up the brain komissur, or adhesions, connects not only symmetrical terms, but also bark, belonging to different percentage opposite.

Most komissuralnyh fibers is part of the horny body, which links the two parts of the hemisphere. It may now be possible to answer the question of why men and women are better than each other in solving of a class of problems, says study co-author Gian physiologist Rex (Rex Jung) from the University of New Mexico. For instance, men usually have greater success in the tasks that require well-defined procedures, such as the math problems, while women are better at integrating and assimilation of information from distributed gray matter of the brain that helps in acquiring language skills and the ability to develop empathy and understanding. The men, in particular, and was not aware of the so-called "women's logic" - that is, an associative trail, which is the brain woman inadvertently builds a fraction of a second. Naturally, the life within the overall humane society always has been an evolutionary need for consistency in high cognitive and behavioural aspects of all community members, regardless of differences related reproductive physiology. On the other hand, while "cognitive function" of men and women is obvious similarities, there are subtle, barely noticeable differences, which are a direct consequence of different physiology. Scientists find very interesting that while men and women involved two fundamentally different types of activity and neirofiles, they were still able to cope equally well with a wide class of tasks and show the same cognitive ability, such as testing detected intelligence. (For women, however, there is far less variability on IQ than men. Proportionately more men have very high and very low IQ than women. Therefore, in any population, talented or mentally retarded are more likely to be male.)

The study also helps to explain why some types of head injuries face different consequences for men and women (in fact, such injuries less dangerous if the injured man). For example, 84% of women with gray matter and 86% white matter areas that are involved in cognitive activities, located in the brain frontal share, while the percentage of those of men in frontal shares representing 45% or zero. This is well correlated with the clinical data, which damaged frontal proportion of women are much more disruptive than the same type of damage in men.

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