Mood Food: Five Great Aphrodisiacs

If you’ve got love on the mind, consider serving up some of these classic aphrodisiac foods over the next few nights. Scientists still don’t know exactly why each one works, but the anecdotal evidence has mounted over the centuries. Even if these foods produce a purely psychosomatic effect, you’ll have plenty of fun conducting your own experiments.

Asparagus. You can boil it or steam it, and either way it will tantalize your lover’s tongue with subtle flavor and texture. Perhaps the shape of an asparagus stalk leaves a subconscious hint in your lover’s mind. Maybe the way that the tip of the asparagus pops in her mouth drops a suggestion of fun to come. Scientists figure that the concentration of vitamins A and C boost the immune system and accelerate the sex drive. Serve it three days straight for maximum impact. Spray some fresh, steamed asparagus with a little bit of melted butter and sprinkle with chopped pine nuts for a truly potent side dish.

Avocado. The Aztecs celebrated this curious fruit for its sensual texture and reputed boost to an evening’s lovemaking. They might have carried it a little too far, since Catholic missionaries declared it a food of the devil and banned their parishioners from enjoying its seductive flavor. Today, you can enjoy avocado in guacamole dip, or serve it sliced on anything from multigrain bread to omelets to put passion on the menu.

Chocolate. For centuries, we have associated chocolate with arousal. Scientists now know that natural chemicals in the coca bean stimulate the same pleasure centers in the brain as sex. Don’t settle for garden variety supermarket candy bars when wooing your lover. Typical American chocolate is mixed with milk and corn syrup – purists would hardly call what we eat chocolate at all. Instead, indulge her with luscious dark chocolate. Pure, unadulterated dark chocolate contains powerful antioxidants that bolster her heart health while tickling her soul. She’ll need all the help she can get when you have her blood racing.

Pine Nuts. A curious choice for a snack food, for sure. But they contain some of the highest levels of naturally occurring zinc in any treat. For men, zinc can boost the immune system and enhance fertility. If you need proof, just ask residents of the Himalayas, where pine nuts are plentiful and the birth rate is phenomenally high. You can snack on them yourself or serve them up in a variety of delicious recipes.

Strawberries. Another gift from nature that works on a visual level, a perfect strawberry resembles the idealized color and shape of a heart. The strawberry even acted as a symbol for Venus, the Goddess of Love. French villagers still serve bowls of strawberry soup to newlyweds in an ancient fertility tradition. Your lover will enjoy the indulgence of fresh strawberries dipped in dark chocolate, or layered between sponge cake and whipped cream. With the popularity of strawberry yogurt, strawberry smoothies, and strawberry milkshakes, you’ll have no trouble keeping this aphrodisiac in your lover’s diet!

Served the right way, any food can be an aphrodisiac. Check out a copy of 9 ? Weeks if you need a refresher. And never underestimate the power of a four-star or a five-star restaurant. With the right presentation, any food can turn your bride on. Just remember to avoid placing any sugary substance into your bride’s private areas. You might find it fun to lick chocolate from her vulva, but the painful yeast infection it causes will cause you years of psychic trauma.

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