Never Do What You Are Expected To Do By Your Married Women

It is highly recommended that as a guy you should not always do what you married women expect you to do. Anyone who does exactly what they are supposed to do is on cue and pain boring.

Just by being a little unpredictable and erratic you can become elusive. This can keep your married woman on her toes, wondering about you day in, day out. It also gives her the feeling of slightly being insecure with respect to where she stands in your heart.

The rule is if she expects you to make a sexual move, do not do it. If she expects you to ask her out on the weekend do not do that, instead ask her out on a weekday. When she thinks that you are not interested, call her unexpectedly and surprise her.

Let Your Married Women Suspect You Have Another Women

The last tip here is first know your married woman, get her interested in you and allow her to suspect that you are seeing other married women or girls as well as her.

By doing so, it makes you more attractive to her. If she really wants to know you she would need to work harder to get you.

We suggest that you try to achieve this by:

Playing hard to get
Do not rush into any sexual engagements with her
Do not call her every night or during the day. Make your calls unpredictable.
Do not always be available for her when she calls for you
Just be unpredictable.

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