Passport Control

For passengers Passport control passengers traveling abroad have to pass the passport control with the necessary documents on the control admittance.

The rules of crossing the Ukrainian border and the necessary documents for this are established by the legislation of Ukraine and international treaties.

The foreigners can enter and stay in Ukraine only with the valid entry visa. The citizens from the countries where entry visa is not required can enter Ukraine with the national passport and a legalized invitation from Ukraine. You can get more detailed information in the information service of the Ukrainian council in your country.

The passports and identification cards of foreign countries are not valid documents for entering Ukraine.

The persons without citizenship living on the territory of Ukraine can travel abroad with the identity card to leave Ukraine and with entry visa to enter Ukraine.

The transit trip can be allowed only with the following documents: Ukrainian transit visa, the visa to the country of destination, travel tickets or other documents confirming the nature of your trip.

Transit visa does not allow its holder to stay in Ukraine; travel through Ukraine to the country of destination can not exceed 5 days for one or several entries. Transit visas are expedient when Ukraine is a transit country of your travel itinerary. Transit visa can not be extended on the territory of Ukraine.

If the foreigner has lost his passport he has to go to the embassy of his country in Ukraine and to get the necessary documents for leaving Ukraine.

The workers of the passport control desk issue the registration card to foreigners when they enter Ukraine. This card should be also presented to the authorities when leaving the country.

Ukrainian citizens require following documents:

valid travel passport;
diplomatic passport;
service passport;
children's valid documents;
identity card of a seaman;

identity cart of a crew member.

Instead of the above listed documents Ukrainian citizens can use other valid documents for crossing the border in cases provided by international treaties.

If your documents were lost abroad you have to get the document for entering Ukraine in the Consular establishment of Ministry of Foreign Affairs abroad.

The Ukrainian citizens can't be confined to enter Ukraine.

The workers of control points can ascertain the presence of limiting circumstances for entering Ukraine and survey the citizens travelling abroad if necessary.

The passport is verified in the special cabin of passport control, service rooms of the control item.

The persons who try to cross the border with forged documents are trespassers and will be punished according to the legislation of Ukraine.

It helps you to pass the passport control faster.

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