Practical Seduction: Some Conversation Tips For Men

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It is not only men who crave sex. Women equally are desirous of it. You only have to know how to tap such an opportunity. The first conversation is a very delicate occasion and should be managed well if you want more such interactions with her. If you don’t plan the first date you may lose her forever. Below are 10 tips which will help you attract woman no matter where you are.

Initiate conversation with EVERY woman

To deal with women what you need are just the basic social skills. This is a must for each one of you. Try to initiate a conversation with as many new people as possible without being biased about anybody. Every day I am sure you must be having opportunities to start a conversation. Utilize each one of these and then you will it very easy to start conversations with women. But it is good to speak interesting. If possible speak something that will make the other person happy or laugh. Try at least 5 conversations with people whom you don’t know for around 3 months and you will soon overcome fear of talking who is a stranger to you.

Visit places where you can find women

Most guys have such a routine in their life wherein they do not come across much woman. And yet they crib about being lonely. Hence it is necessary that you should take out time once in a while to visit places where you have many opportunities to approach an attractive woman. The best places are a coffee shop in a commercial area, restaurant with woman staff or a popular shopping mall. When you visit these place you will have a lot more chances of improving your skills at approaching women.

Don’t hesitate to go out alone

Many men want a company when they visit bars or clubs only because they feel that if they are lonely they will be judged as a loser or an introvert. But people I have known till date and who have been successful with woman have been those who go out alone. My advise hence is that, this weekend try out going alone to a club – not to watch women, but just to become aware that even if you are alone no one notices that. This will help you shun your prejudice against going out alone.

Overcome you fear and inhibitions

All men, including very attractive ones, have a lot of fears when they approach a woman. Some of these are fear f being not accepted, fear of being disliked, fear to make the first touch. These aren’t unique to you but it is generic for all. And it is possible for you to control them if you desire to do so. For this don’t give too much importance to a single instance or start thinking about the long term scene when you are just beginning. Yes you may be rejected a few times, but in the process you are improving your skill and one day you will surely be successful with women.

Avoid the “Negative Trap”

What is usual reaction of men when they see a hot woman? They start thinking negative. They just become stupefied or start thinking ways not to approach her. They either start thinking about what compliment to give her, or they think her being single as an impossibility or fear that she might react unfavorably towards them. Worse, some might even consider themselves not to be worthy of the woman. Keep away from traps, because once you enter them you will build a negative aura around you which will keep on increasing with time. So don’t think much about how to start a conversation – just be normal and keep it simple.

Adhere to the tips about how to start talking

The moment you see an attractive girl in which you are interested, which you’d like to seduce – approach her within 3 seconds. Any delay more than this and you will never have the guts to approach and talk to her. Say something rather than just being silent. At worst what can happen is that she will reject you. But that will not be the end of the world to you. There will be other girls whom you can approach. So every opportunity has something from which you can learn. Keep in mind these points and just chat up with whomever you find hot.

Glide smoothly through the first moments of conversation

Most men are unaware of the fact that it is woman’s persona that needs to be handled when you are talking to her for the very first time. A woman will be always seek to block any thing from you and gain a control over the whole matter. What she wants least is things to hot up between you which she fears that might degrade her in your opinion. Even though she might find you irresistible, she will show the exact opposite and show a distaste for you. Some women become jittery when in the company of a guy whom they like. So don’t read too much into any of these indications. Patience and perseverance are two virtues you should have in ample amount in this regard.

Discover her unconventional persona

Every woman has a side that is little crazy and absolutely not expected of her. What you need to do is discover her “crazy” part of personality and then address that part. Tease her or give her nick names which wil make her realize that she can open up to you and display her crazy part. The whole idea is that she should reach a comfort level with you wherein she doesn’t shy to show her crazy persona to you. When she comes to know that you are exactly what her unconventional personality is she will be very frank to you. It is at this point when the real bonding between both of you starts setting in.

Be positive

We as humans have this tendency to jump to conclusions. If the first attempt ends up failure we think we are failures. If subsequent attempts too end up like that, we become absolute convinced that we are wasting time because we are not capable of it. You start doubting your own capabilities and it reflects in your personality too. Many men who have failed at a few attempts in conversing with women that it is something terribly wrong in their own nature that is preventing them from being with women. They write themselves off. But remember that failures are the stepping stones to success. So cultivate an attitude wherein you believe that you have reached very close to success and will achieve your goal soon. Just try out this and I guarantee you that you will be pleasantly surprised at the results

Plan your strategy and practice it

If you are starting to converse with women, you should go over your plans and carefully rehearse before the actual D day. Plan every minute detail as to what you are going to talk and her possible reactions and your own responses to them. Take all your time in strategizing and rehearsing it. Also plan the tone of your voice and the body language you will show her. Hope for the best but also plan for worst scenario. This will give you confidence. So now the implementation will throw no surprises to you.

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