Private Detectives Accused Marriage Gambler

When they met six months ago, he told her that he is unmarried. Although he has 45 years and she was - just over 30, in recent months he tending beautifully tending after her, go with her to the trips and recreation, and promise to marry. However, she did not know that at the same time he has the same novel with the other girls, not to mention that his legal wife with children waiting him at home in Be'er Sheva.

During the long months both women waiting his promises of marriage until their patience finally has elapsed. He, in turn, every time another pretext, again and again deferred plans.

Once he told them that his family must come from France to get acquainted with the woman of his dream. Another time, he referred to the complexity of operations on the leg that awaits him. In each of the girls demanded that he finally fixed the date when they legalize their relationship.

When excuses not stopped, each of the women hired private detective, unaware of the existence of the other. Both investigations were obvious : each of them knew of the existence of the other two together and learn of the legitimate wife and children.

Then deceived lover decided to join. They met, compared to the history and decided to avenge a trickster. With the help of private detectives, they learned his address and home telephone number, and then called his wife and gave a detailed account of their relations and the double sentence, hands and hearts.

After learning a lot about her husband, a victim of treason decided to break the bonds of marriage. She met with frustrated lover in the presence of counsel and noted their testimony, and then asked the Ravvinatsky court for compel her husband to give her a divorce. "My husband has changed me with other women, I see no reason to stay with him," the woman explained.

Soon two young women will meet with his fellow, but this time in Ravvinatskiy court : they will be seen in his divorce.

Shimon Ifargan

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