Psychological Types Of Men

We must consider several conditions trying to understand men types and their characters. From the psychological perspectives we should look for some cues in the childhood of every men.

Adler suggested that people can be typed according to their birth order in the family. First born described "as anxious, conscientious, and dependent on authorities", the second child "as socially oriented but competitive" and the youngest – "as pampered but always having to "catch up". So these men who are usually looking for a women according to his mother – probably are the third type. They can be named as "men-son" type guys who mostly used to demand attention and always expect to get it.

Secondly, we can consider personality characteristics according to Carl Jung. Mainly he focused on introvert and extrovert dimensions. The people who direct their attention either to external or internal things. Then he divided people according to mental processes - thinking, feeling, sensing, and intuiting. He claimed that one of these functions tend to dominate although normally person can acquire some characteristics from the whole selection. So there are 8 types:

Extroverted thinking type - depends on rational reasoning and observing the external world, mostly represses his feelings.

Introverted thinking type - usually focus on his own ideas, likes to analyze the world rather than run it.

Extroverted feeling type - very friendly person who is controlled by the wishes and expectations of others.

Introverted feeling type - loyal and commited to his values, also quiet and not expressive. Holds his feelings inside.

Extroverted sensing type - pleasure seeker, very naturally accept the world around him. He is primarily concerned with eating, partying, enjoying art, and having a good time.

Introverted sensing type - very irrational, usually overreact to the outside stimuli. Tends to be hard-working and systematical.

Extroverted intuitive type - concerned with socially events, politician. Confident and innovative.

Introverted intuitive type - has many difficulties realizing when he is wrong. He used to jugde everything according to his own opinion.

However everyone knows that people can't be stuffed into the strict frames of personality descriptions and even two people in the same characteristics can understand the world entirely different. The golden rule – never judge a man before really know him.

by :Rugile Kiguolyte

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