Relationship Between Sex And Love

The relationship between sex and love has changed and evolved from ancient to modern times. In the Old Testament sex in itself was not considered a sin. There is nothing in Hebrew scripture that condemns sexuality. Even from the very “beginning” we see with Adam Eve that they weren’t aware of their nakedness until after Eve takes the forbidden fruit. It is not until this point when they seem to become aware and ashamed of their nakedness. Also, with Adam and Eve we see that the relationship between man and woman was for the most part equal. . “He created him; male and female; he created them.” “man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh” The sexual unity or marriage was one of unity and equality.

It is not until the New Testament where man gains control of woman. In Ephesians, Paul says that wives are to be the subject to the husband and the husband is the head of the household. The family hierarchy is set up as one of rulership. The husband shall rule over the wife and children. The only talk of love in both the Old and the New Testament is that of a higher love, a higher love for God. Love between a man and woman seems to me to be purely sexual.

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She refused to conform to society’s demands. In Wuthering Heights, Catherine chooses to marry for money and not for love. (Set forth by the woman) In the on going struggle for power women will use the only tool they have, their virtue and sexuality, to gain control. Having fallen in love with another man, Edna does not want to conform to the norms that society has set forth. For the first time women were in control of their sexuality. The social norms of the times put women under the control of their husbands. She would have us believe, that she would rather be dead than give up her virtue. Women must play the part of the dutiful wife. The only way a middle class woman could gain any sort of power or money was to marry an aristocratic man. Nora would have given her life thinking her husband would do the same. Which leads me to ask, why not just get the hell out? Pamela has many chances to escape or to kill herself.

We start to see women wanting their own identity and equality. Upon discovering that he would not risk his life to protect hers, she realizes how she is viewed in her husband’s eyes.

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