Relationship: Making Love

You learn to speak by speaking, to study by studying, to run by running, to work by working; and just so, you learn to love by loving. All those who think to learn in any other way deceive themselves.–Saint Francis de Sales. Rightly said, you learn to love

by loving. You have to make an effort to learn to love. Find out ways to love your partner.

Intimacy is very important to keep a relationship alive and so is passion. They are forms of love. Touch each other and feel each other. Find out ways to love each other in a way you have never done before. Watch movies, read books and get ideas from friends to love in a different way. Never feel shy to experiment to make your relationship interesting. Love in itself is interesting and to experiment more on that adds excitement, vigor and vitality. So keep experimenting.

There are innumerable ways to make you relationship exciting and let there be love in the air. Sounds silly but you could go skating hand in hand or shout “I love you,” in a public place. It is experimenting to make love in a different way. Your lover will be thrilled and excited.

Be a romantic lover and take your lover to the land of dreams. Do the most unnatural of things. If possible try to be crazy like film stars. You have to be crazy in love to make love. Make love as if you are making love for the first time. It shouldn’t be something done as a daily routine. There have to be feelings involved and that too, true feelings. So make love differently.

You should always surprise your partner with a different way of expressing love. That element of surprise has to be present in a relationship for creating an excitement. As we all know a relationship fades if proper care is not taken. And the element of surprise has to be present when it comes to loving you mate. You do not have to stop loving your partner in the way you always do but you can always add excitement to your relationship by getting a touch of difference to your love life.

Love is essential in a relationship. No relationship can exist without love. You have to make love to keep the love alive. Be lively and find out ways to love your mate in a unique way, something special and different just to love your lover.

Life began with love, love between Adam and Eve. People die but their love is still alive. The world is filled with examples. From Romeo-and Juliet to Anthony and Cleopatra there love is still talked about. How did they love each other, for sure they must have had a style of loving each other? And they all must have loved each other in various ways. Try and be the Cleopatra or the Anthony, The Romeo or the Juliet and feel true love. Make your love different and everlasting. If surely you cannot be impractical you can for sure be silly at times, a little to demanding, little sweet and spicy.

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