Seducing Women: Useful Information

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The men who find success with women are in minority. They are players and know their game well. They are experts in seducing women and do as if they had a magic mantra to seduce them.

I have researched on these players. I have found that there are some aspects that can be found in all these players. And yes these can be adopted anyone who is yet a non-player and soon can taste success with these traits.

Before I proceed, I must warn you that the content presented here is controversial. But it is a proven research. So if you are among those who cant take things raw, stop right here and go back to what you were doing.

All players believe in the following: “ Women desire sex with the same intensity as that of men” Men who are non players believe that women are not interested in sex and have to be deceived into it. This the belief which paves the failure path for them.

Another belief of the successful man is : “I will lead the way in sex”. Many men on the contrary feel shy of opening up and allow the woman to take lead. So in the end they invariably end up being sexually frustrated and unfulfilled.

The society that we live in is very much unjust to women. If a woman picks up guys randomly to satisfy her sexual urge she will called a whore. She will be treated as an outcast and be socially isolated soon.

So when it comes to sex, the guy should take the lead. The woman will then be able to follow her feelings. She will no more doubt your ability and will just follow what her heart tells her.

Having now learnt the two fundamental rules that apply to all women, you have to act now.

The first thing you have to do is to improve the way you talk. You have say things that are logical and yet emotionally charged. So instead of suggesting to be alone at her place, you could say that since you don’t have much time, you will love to visit her place and have a look at photos from the latest trip to Florida she has had recently.

The first statement (suggestion to be alone at her place) alerts her and she fears that things might be going too fast. The second statement doesn’t alarm her and she believes you and soon you will be alone with her at her own place.

(a tip here – even if you have time, pretend as if you are busy. This puts her mind at ease and is known as the “false time constraint” technique.)

The second statement sooths her emotional side as well as logical side. You not having time sounds a good logic to her, whereas she feels good when you come and so is emotionally also at peace.

The second action takes a lot of patience on your part. You have to let things proceed at a relaxed pace and not hop on the bed and go straight to the act. Women enjoy being teased and would never enjoy the straight and quick action.

Take a two step forward, one step backward strategy. For instance when you unhook her bra, let go and come back to the foreplay. Fondle her hair, kiss her for a long time and then come to the point of unhooking her bra. Even now go back a step and remove the bra straps. This is the slow approach which will make the woman enjoy each and every moment. Go back and the slowly move forward and back again is the simple strategy.

So remember this – two steps ahead, one back.

In brief, you need to do the following to seduce a woman.

1. Believe that she desires sex as much as you do.

2. Take the lead when it comes to seduction, which will make her feel good.

3. Sooth her logical and emotional part of brain.

4. Tease her and never hurry. Adopt the two steps ahead, on step back approach.

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