Sex Toy Tips: The Basics

Perhaps you never expected to find yourself face to face with a wall of plastic sex toys. Did you fall in love with a sex fiend without realizing it? Take heart, since today’s open attitudes to sexuality allow us to explore our bodies in unprecedented and unusual ways. You’re no deviant; you’re just in a loving, committed relationship. The toys can help you keep things interesting...

Shopping for Sex Toys. Contrary to popular belief, you no longer have to get buzzed in to a scummy looking porn shop in the underbelly of your city just to go shopping for sex toys. In fact, most adult novelty shops are owned by family-oriented entrepreneurs that want to create a safe space for couples to explore their sexuality.

At the same time, many common sex toys have gone mainstream over the past few years. If you look hard enough, you can even find sex toys at well-known shops like The Sharper Image. Don’t be shy – ask questions and solicit recommendations. Like any store owner, your sex toy salesperson will want to convert you into a lifelong customer.

Vibrators. The classic sex toy for women is experiencing resurgence since being celebrated in popular television shows like Sex and the City and The L Word. You can find vibrators in all kinds of sizes and shapes, from a discreet “personal massager” to the infamous “pink bunny.”

Some guys worry that a vibrator will replace them. Instead, experts suggest that you take an active role in pleasuring your bride. Even the best vibrator can’t replace the arousal she feels when you’re in the room. Learn to use the vibrator to steer her over the edge as an opening act for your one-on-one action.

Shower Massagers. If it helps, keep telling yourself that it’s just for your back. The personal, handheld shower massager can provide you and your bride with hours of good, clean fun every week. Consider it a home improvement, especially if you and your bride are often busy during the week. Simply schedule an extra long shower together to catch up on what you’re missing in bed.

Dildos. Dildos act as another type of warm-up for your bride. The very best dildos are made from silicone, since that material mimics the texture and temperature of a real penis. Experiment together, to see how far you can take her before diving in on your own.

Butt plugs. Deep in your anal cavity, a set of nerve endings that help manage another important bodily function can be easily fooled into mimicking sexual arousal. Butt plugs come in a variety of shapes to stimulate different body types. Remember that butt plugs can be dangerous if used improperly. One person’s pleasure is another person’s pain, so go slowly.

Supplements. Any “Spanish Fly” you buy in the United States is really some form of vitamin or mineral supplement, since the real thing might actually kill you. Sex is an athletic, physical activity, so taking vitamins and supplements on a regular basis can help you perform more consistently in bed. A standard multi-vitamin is a good start, and an endless variety of specialized supplements offer all kinds of potential benefits. Remember that if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

Lubricants. Quality novelty shops now offer a wide range of specialty lubricants. Not only can they prevent injury, they can help you last longer during sex. Some even heighten your experience by adding a heating or a cooling sensation. Avoid petroleum-based lubricants, since they can eat through latex condoms and cause some kinds of infection.

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