Speed Seduction Techniques

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Where is the beginning of the seduction process?

I ask this question because many men and guys carry a wrong impression about seduction. For them seduction takes shape only when they are lonely with a woman.

But the fact is that seduction begins when you first meet up a girl and not when you alone with her. Your first conversation is the point wherein seduction sets in. If you are good at seduction from the very moment you first meet her, it will boost your chances of building a rapport with her and attract her. Ultimately you will be able to be more intimate with your woman faster and a lot easier than you imagined.

Below are mentioned 4 techniques which I recommend to everyone. You should use these seduction techniques when meeting a woman. This will help you to influence her through you seductive skills greatly.

Seduction Techique 1 – The opening line of your conversation should be funny

This is the most important thing, since what you speak to her about will set the pitch for whatever you talk to her. The best strategy here is to use an opener which will make her feel happy and that will attract her to you.

While you approach a woman for the very first time your main motive is to be impressive enough for her to start talking to you. You can do this through many ways. Ask her views on any issue. The only thing you need to do is frame a sentence which will make her take interest in you.

The openers can be of various types. It could be to ask her what she thinks about your friends girlfriends issues or what kind of movies she likes. The important thing to be funny and good tempered , if you want her to take even a minute interest in you.

Seduction Technique 2 – Be arrogant sometimes and sometimes hilarious

Be cautious, since if used not used judiciously this can produce unfavorable results. The idea is to be humorous so as to prove that you are an alpha male. You should adopt an attitude which should not hurt her in any way. Don’t act in a way that makes her think that you are a psycho.

The cue here is she should be enjoying whatever you say when using this technique. This is a great way in order to build a rapport and take your relation to the next level.

Seduction Technique 3 – Ask about things which will tell you more about her

Get this embedded in your mind…

Don’t ask her questions that bore her.

Lot of guys literally dig a grave for themselves by questioning women about things which never help you even spark interest in you. These questions make her feel as if you are evaluating her, especially when you ask her question about her job and her likes and dislikes.

The technique here is to ask her questions which are funny and will also interest her. Ask her things which are different and which will make her think. Don’t bore her with questions she has been asked by every other guy.

Questions you could ask her could be like this:

“What’s most hilarious you have ever attempted?”

“What would you do if you have a million dollars?”

“How much would you bid to sleep with an absolute stranger?”

These might at first sound foolish questions to you, but this will help you build attraction and you will be able to gather a lot information about what her personality is.

Seduction Technique 4 – Use subtly sexy language when you talk

The best way to inject some spice when you talk to her is to broach sexual topics but in a subtle way. Don’t jump directly into how once should be indulging in sex. Use suggestions that are subtle and which will not make her uncomfortable and insecure when in your company.

Joke with her about how she would want you. Make teasing comments on her like she is after you and trying to dote you so that she could be intimate with you.

Combine techniques 2 and 4 and you will surely be moving towards building a great level of comfort amongst you. Once this happen, you can discuss any topic under the sun, including sex and this will synchronize both of you mentally as well as physically.

Remember, seduction sets in the moment you start interacting with a woman. These 4 techniques will help you build the interest of woman and sustain it. Once you spark an interest, you will be easily able to start conversation in which you can discuss sex and other such taboo things with her. Good luck!

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