The Definition Of Love

Ask two people what they think love is and you will get two completely different answers. For most people love is a combination of things which are often quite confusing. Love can be respect or trust, burden or blessing and wonderful or terrifying. Before we go on to examine why it is important to experience love from others, it is important to realise that all of us have different perceptions of love as mentioned above.

In the early 1950's, a psychologist of the time emerged. His name was Harry Harlow. This medical professional of the mind conducted many studies relating to the cause and effect of relationships and isolation in the lives of many people. He hoped to conclude that each of us had a need for basic companionship and certain "caring" relationships in the life. In his findings, he did conclude that some type of love is essential in order for a person to have a solid, stable life.

Moreover, Maslow suggested a hierarchy of needs for humans and love is very close to the top after food, water and shelter. This backs up the theory suggested by Harry Harlow.

In the basic structure of "Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs", there is a core component that lays the foundation that we all have "social needs". It has been concluded that individuals must experience some level of an emotional relationship that involves friendship, physical and emotional intimacy, communication with others that is positive in nature, and basic love.

The essense of loving someone and being loved is beautiful for most people. It represents an acceptance of others and being accepted by others. People who struggle to form loving relationships may suffer from an array of negative mindsets.

Many symptoms that can arise from not being loved or not loving someone can be any one of the follows:

1. Many may feel extremely lonely. This may just affect one area of life, or several areas. It is possible to feel loved at home, and not feel this emotion among others.

3. A feeling of anxiety in social context when around people.

3. As a result of collective symptoms, depression may be the ultimate problem.

4. Depression and negative thoughts may in some cases lead to suicidal tendencies. In some rare cases, the thoughts are followed by action.

In conclusion, it can be said that love is quite complex. It is almost a necessity of life and it should be experienced by all people. Love is the feeling of being totally accepted by another person and being totally receptive of them in return. It is the process of looking for the best in another person and accept them as they are.

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