The First Kiss

The first kiss is a difficult thing. But sometimes it is a real trial for the person. What aperson should do that this movie will bring you happy but not the disappointment.

Not afraid to be a shy. If before the first kiss your heart beats fast, your knees tremble, your palm sweat, it is a normal feeling, do not worry about it. Here is an advice for you. Don't be hurry. Start with the kiss of the hand. That is why you will win you shyness gradually. And you girlfriend will also understand that you are a respectable and well-bred person.

Do not afraid that your girlfriend will not like your kisses. There are not right and wrong kisses. If your girlfriend like you she will tell you how she likes ti kiss.

But if she does not like you then why should you kiss her?

How could you understand: when does the girl want to kiss you? Of course, these advice are universal but you may use them. Try to observe how she looks at you. If your girl looks around and concentrate your attention on you – she is not ready for the kiss. But if she looks straight into your eyes and you look into your eyes too – she feels herself very nice with you and wants to kiss you.

An anthropologist Holl E.T. in his book “Invisible distance” proves that the person has 4 contact zones :

• Public contact zone (more than 3,5 m) – for the unacquainted people;
• Social contact zone (1,2-3,5 m) – for the acquainted people;
• Personal contact zone (0,5-1,2 m) – for the relatives and native people;
• Intimate contact zone (0-0,5 m).

Stretch your hand ahead – is your intimate contact zone and it ends at the middle of the forearm. If the girl admit you to her intimate contact zone, it means that........... Don't be hurry. Most people gain kiss experience in 10-14 years old. However, you should not worry that you are 16 years old and you can not kiss. Your first kiss may be after 20 years old. To catch your contemporaries as not difficult task. The main thing is to kiss a LOVING girl.

How to kiss a person at the first time?

Take your girl at the shoulder and clasp her to your bosom. Touch her hair by the tip of your fingers and tell some pleasant words to her. It is not necessary to astonish your girlfriend of the kiss technique. Just touch her lips by your lips – and it is your first kiss. After this kiss you will fell yourself more easier. If you are afraid to kiss a girl in the lips, kiss her in the ear or in the neck. The main thing is that you kiss should be a tender and proved that the girl is not indifferent for you and you want that she fells herself very nice.

What about the nose?

If during the kiss you begin to turn your head you may confront each other with noses. Do not worry about it. When you fell that your nose will confront with the nose of your girl try to turn your head back, that your noses will slide pass each other.

What about the hands?

There are a lot of variants: to caress with the hands along the back; taught with the tender her hair and her face or take her chine and turn her face to himself. To press her ; to put his hands into her pockets; to bring each other with hands; to hug her neck and shoulders...

What is the French kiss?

I we say in common-French kiss is a contact of tongues. The best beginning for the French kiss is usual kiss with lips during which your mouth is open a little bit. If your girlfriend reply you and also open a little bit her mouth – try to straight her tongue towards her tongue. But don't try too hard to straight it too far – because you don't want to kill your girl with your tongue. Enter her mouth and lick her tongue, touch to her initial mouth sides, move her tongue along her teeth and play with her tongue. First of all start with easy touching of her tongue tip, sometimes such an easy touching makes a lot of pleasure. Play with the girl's tongue, click quickly in it with your tongue. You can rub with your tongues together. You can tender bite or suck the girl's tongue. You can make tongue round your mouth. But the French kiss also can be without touching lips : come to each other such as closer as you can and make the tips of your tongues flow together and play with your tongues without taking place your lips...

During the French kiss it is very important to watch after your salivation. Learn how to keep salivation and don't make her girl to feel such an unpleasant feeling. The best way is to swallow sometimes your saliva for not to hit into the throat of the girl.

About the eyes kiss.

Romantic kisses specially suit for such situation when the girl is very upset with something or she is crying. Kissing her eyes you clean her face.

About the neck kiss.

It is a very exiting kiss and all the girls like it. Try to do it.

About the ear kiss.

It is also like a lot of girls. Kiss to the ears outside. Then kiss the lobe. You can bite tender and suck an ear. But remember that during the ear kiss you can influence not only to sensible, but also to hearing irritants. That is why don't try to make a smacking sound with your lips and don't make any other unromantical sounds. You can taste to damp down it with tender whisper, telling any pleasant words you want to her ears.

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