The Secrets Of Sensual Massage

Focus on the clitoris. Unless you’re Gene Simmons, you can’t possibly hope to stimulate her vagina with your tongue. Instead, your obvious target is the clitoris. Take it easy, since touching it directly can quickly overwhelm your bride – perhaps even causing her a little discomfort. Warm up to it by licking around it. Then move in all the way.

Get into a rhythm. As you stimulate her clitoris, pay attention to your own rhythm. Don’t attack it blindly. If you have slow music playing in the room, follow the beat. Otherwise, it can help to count in your head or silently roll over a familiar song. When she starts to respond, speed up to match her rhythm, without going too fast.

Follow her signals. Over time, you’ll learn to decode her moans and gasps. Whatever you do, maintain your pace. Don’t speed up just because she’s breathing more heavily – it’s your rhythm that’s getting her excited, not your speed.

Stay focused, and keep it simple. Some guys just overthink oral sex. Your bride doesn’t want you to discover some amazing new technique that you can brag about on the Internet. Really, everything that’s possible has been tried at least once, and it’s the tried and true that really works. For example, please don’t give her the “raspberries” down there, unless you want to spend the night sleeping on the floor with a noticeable bruise. And, whatever you do, don’t try to blow into her. She is not a balloon, even if you suspect parts of her are plastic.

Astound her with this pro move. If you can roll your tongue into a semi-cylinder or a “U” shape, use it to cradle her clitoris. Then, slide it gently towards her and away from her. Prepare for the good kind of screaming.

The secret move that revs her engine. Few massage therapists get to try this one out on clients, since it’s so intimate. But many professional masseurs swear that this simple move releases stress and unlocks sexual energy. Without using very much oil, use the heel of your hand to press downward on her butt cheek. Then, rotate your hand quickly as you press inward. This move loosens up the buttock muscles, while engaging one of your bride’s erogenous zones. The relaxing effect, combined with the intimacy of the moment, will really please her. Repeat the move ten times on each side. Clare Maxwell-Hudson shares more buttock massage tips.

Seek more advice from the experts. The world’s biggest selling massage manual now has a video companion. Author Gordon Inkeles walks you through a series of proven methods that release tension and set the stage for a night of passion. “The Art of Sensual Massage” Book & DVD Set.

Stay together. Never leave your bound partner alone for any reason. If you’re interrupted, release her and start fresh when you return to the room. Likewise, if your partner accidentally starts to leave the room, use your safe word to pause the game.

Keep focused. Avoid drinking or using recreational drugs when playing bondage games. You’ll want all of your faculties intact to enjoy the fantasy, and you run a high risk of injury if your judgment is impaired, even a little bit.

Play with the senses. You can have some of the most erotic experiences during your bondage fantasy by restricting senses as well as movement. Try blindfolding your partner, then surprising her with kisses or with sweet treats on her lips. Take the sensory deprivation further by wearing earplugs, then wafting scents under each other’s noses.

Have fun. Remember that you’re trying bondage to have a good time. If you’re not enjoying it, it might not be for you. Most folks, however, do find some kind of bondage play extremely arousing, so don’t be shy!

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