The Traditional Women Of Ukraine

Everything you'll read here beneath is about the traditional women of Ukraine. We'll describe their characters, attitudes and how to distinguish them from non-traditional women. From here you will know something about Ukraine's history and how these women were shaped by the dynamic events that have taken place over the many centuries. If you are one of the many men looking for a Ukrainian woman to be your wife, our advices can help create a more accurate understanding of them, providing helpful tools with which to aid your search.

One must learn to love and go through a good deal of suffering to get to it...

and the journey is always towards the other soul...

~ D.H. Lawrence

Chapter 1: The most Obvious Exposition about Ukrainian Women you are able to know

• What real in Ukraine captivates the most of men?

• Looking for a "traditional wife".
• Where else you can find such a" keeper of the fireplace".
• Absorption of the Ukrainian traditions.

• Which are exactly these Ukrainian women.

Chapter 2: If it's Better to have The Faithful Intentions.

• Choose what in reality appropriates you.

• Occupations in Ukraine - either simple reorientation or…

• The more opportunities in knowing foreign languages.

Chapter 3: Where to Look For a Traditional Woman.

• Search for a similar style of life in order to avoid illusions.

Chapter 4: The Philosophy of Marriage.

• Sexual harmony is a combination of emotions, spirituality, and mind.

Chapter 5: Back to the Ukrainian History.

• Formation of the Ukrainian character


• Some valuables, formed over the centuries.

Chapter 6: Some Advices on How to Choose a Ukrainian Wife.

• Proprieties of The Ukrainian Women.

• Advice: keep about some characters in mind.
• Woman of what age do you need?
• What must you know in order to marry a woman with a child.
• Marriage: it's seems to be on cloud nine these days.

• The family connections in Ukraine.

Chapter 7: This Mysterious Ukrainian Soul and Character.

• Their wonderful talents and tastes.

• Outside-strong, but soft inside
• Who attracts a Ukrainian woman?
• The National character.
• Some notes about Ukrainian men.

• In some cases intuition helps.

Chapter 1: The most Obvious Exposition about Ukrainian Women you are able to know

What real in Ukraine captivates the most of men?

From the outset for the most real imagine, let us assert that we are writing only about Ukrainian women. Although the cultures of Russia and Byelorussia are closely related to Ukraine, the cultural characteristics of Ukrainian, Russian, and Byelorussian women are different. So it's Ukrainian women and something about Ukrainian culture you'll be reading about, here.

The beauty and intellect of Ukrainian women captivate many men. You've seen the photos on the Internet and in numerous catalogues of marriage agencies. You've undoubtedly been told more than once, that Ukraine is populated by purely traditional, modest, and undemanding women, ready to marry any foreigner regardless of his appearance, education, or age. And, furthermore, you've surely heard the claim that all of them are ready to do this strictly in the name of love -- not for selfish motives. But it would be the naive suppose that Ukraine is populated only by angels, the most highly cultured, educated, and traditional women of Ukraine represent a little percent of the total number of traditional women in the country. We deeply value and respect the Ukrainian woman's character.

Looking for a "traditional wife".

Most likely, if you are looking for a wife in Ukraine, you are seeking a "traditional wife." This may mean different things to different people. The main quality that distinguishes her from the modern, emancipated woman is the fact that she places the interests of her family, her husband, and her children as the first priority in her life. She is selfless, and she is ready to sacrifice her career to dedicate her life to her family, serving in this role with pleasure. Most importantly, she feels absolutely happy and content in making this choice and considers her life to be fulfilled and successful. Happiness for her means being connected to a stable, happy family life and children. She takes deep satisfaction in the fact she is a woman. Sometimes she is called in Ukraine like the "keeper of the family fireplace" It is especially difficult to find a woman bred in high culture, with a great education and career, who also has traditional values and morals.

Where else you can find such a" keeper of the fireplace".

No wonder that, nowadays, it's becoming almost impossible to meet traditional women in America and other Western countries. It is clear that the sense of femininity and the maternal instinct must be developed very strongly, very early in life in the woman who has been studying for six to eight years at the university, has one or more high degrees, speaks two or more foreign languages, plays piano, and writes poetry in order to sacrifice her professional future and settle down to a quiet existence in the kitchen and nursery.

Absorption of the Ukrainian traditions


Nevertheless, such women do their still exist in Ukraine. By our best estimation, they are frequently women of noble origin, who absorbed the traditions of the Ukrainian female character with the breast milk of their mothers. Some time ago, in noble Ukrainian families, the women of high society were extremely well educated and culturally aware. Nevertheless, their families, husbands, and children were their main care and duty. They were creating a unique atmosphere of high European culture in the home and raising their children in the best traditions of high morality and education. These Ukrainian women considered the upbringing of their children to be their highest spiritual mission. Their children were their pride and reward. Therefore, they dedicated their lives to them with enthusiasm.

Which are exactly these Ukrainian women.

There are more traditional women among the Ukrainian women of the so-called "middle class," who have a college education and good profession but don't represent the elite stratum of society. They represent about 28 percent of all the traditional women in the country. They are usually the women from the large and middle-sized cities and towns of Ukraine. They may have a college education, but their foreign language skills may be lacking. Their education and professions often don't have practical significance, as would normally be the case in other countries. That is why these women, who are not ambitious and career-oriented, and who are not very proud of their diplomas, often turn into traditional housewives with great pleasure. It is most likely that these women have always dreams of filling the role of housewife and mother, but their dreams couldn't come true under the difficult conditions in Ukraine today. Most would gladly give up their jobs if they could meet a man who would fill a traditional role of providing for and protecting her family.

Still more traditional women exist among the lower class. They are generally women who don't have a good college education or prestigious profession. Such women represent about 70 percent of all traditional women. They live in the small towns and villages of Ukraine. They have no practical knowledge of the English language. Usually, their highest level of education is high school, perhaps some technical schooling, junior or provincial college. This is an important fact: Ukraine is one of the few countries in the world where an absolute majority of the population (about 97 percent) have a high school education, and illiteracy is virtually nonexistent. Even in the most distant villages of Ukraine, the level of education in schools is very high in comparison with American standards

Chapter 2: If it's Better to have The Faithful Intentions.

Choose what in reality appropriates you.

For the most men, it is better to seek traditional woman with her best advantages in Ukraine. The fact that women on the Internet and in the catalogues call themselves traditional is often the result of knowing the "right answers" men want to hear. Perhaps many of them don't really know if they want to be traditional wives. Many of them, especially the younger women, have never even given it thought. Therefore we get to know more about our women before writing down. These women don't define and present themselves the way you, the client, want to see them. They are just sincerely in defining their priorities. If your level of life is similar to the one they imagine, a lot of serious happily things in your future family life will be waiting for both of you.

The majority of our women don't hide their real age, education, the existence of children, and so on. Meeting women through ads, catalogs, or the Internet brings the reality of getting a pleasant surprise, especially, at the last stage of your acquaintance when you personally come to Ukraine. Of course, this is not the case with all ads, but it is incredibly difficult to sort truth from lies during the normal course of correspondence as it is typically conducted. The differences in language, culture, and traditions make it even more problematic.

Dending on your own family experiences and the surroundings you grew up in, you've likely established images of your ideal marriage. Sometimes this ideal image changes with the years. In youth, people tend to aspire more to a romantic marriage. With the years, spiritual harmony seems to gain more importance. Before starting a search for a fiancee, try to become settled on what kind of a marriage is most attractive and suitable for you. The type of a woman you are seeking and the resulting level of success will heavily depend on it.

The boundaries of your search will significantly widen if you are looking for a wife-partner and don't mind your future wife working at least several hours per week or running a business together with you (of course, without damaging the interests of the family).

Occupations in Ukraine - either simple reorientation or…

Many traditional women from the big and middle-sized cities of Ukraine will be a good choice for you. Besides, they possess enough skills in the crafts and arts in order to combine family life and a small home business or a hobby successfully. Almost all of the Ukrainian women have a speciality connected with the arts or music will often be able to find a job, for instance, in the U.S. Other good professions include computers, medicine, biology, and chemistry. Hairdressers, cosmetologists, and dental assistants are potentially good and practical fields, as well. But, a knowledge of English or another your language, and a special refresher course in your country will be necessary in order to obtain a license to continue work in some of these specialties. Many Ukrainian women knit, embroider, and weave lace at or near a professional level.

Note that economists, accountants, teachers, secretaries, managers, journalists, lawyers, salespersons, bank workers, and other specialists connected tightly with the Ukrainian language and specific economical conditions are the most difficult occupations to transfer to the other country. The preparation of these specialists in Ukraine differs from the foreign standards so much that it is often easier or even required to learn everything from the beginning rather than simple reorientation. They have great difficulties finding similar jobs bearing any real income. Mature women are actually excellent cooks and housewives, they've become accustomed to working and having their own money, making their decisions independently.

The more opportunities in knowing foreign languages.

Many men prefer to get acquainted with Ukrainian women who know English well. Such a desire is understandable. But the better the knowledge of English a woman has, the more opportunities she has to correspond with and meet foreigners. Such women are typically very active in the international marriage market. They often have a variety of choices and they can be demanding. But, there are only a relatively few traditional women among them. The mentality and values of life of the majority of the women featured on the Internet and in agency catalogs are very similar to those of their Western sisters. Another thing you should pay attention to while looking for a wife via catalogs is the details in the photos.

Chapter 3: Where to Look For a Traditional Woman.

Search for a similar style of life in order to avoid illusions.

Your search will be much more complicated if you want your wife to be only a housewife and mother, especially if you live in a rural area or a small provincial town. In this case, you'd better look for a fiancee who is accustomed to a similar style of life. If she lives in a big city, then the life you offer her may only be attractive to her for a very short time. Sooner or later, a city woman will likely start missing the amenities and vibrancy of city life. In this case you will have to take your wife regularly to a nearby city, or she may well become very unhappy and depressed.

The usual illusion of Ukrainians who've never been to abroad- the life they imagine there is made up of big cities like New York and Los Angeles. They can't easily imagine what life in the small towns and rural areas is really like. Therefore, if you live in such a sparsely populated region, then make sure to describe your way of life and the place in which you live from the outset. It will save you and her a great deal of disappointment and many other problems in the future. As we started at the outset, one of the greatest pitfalls for foreign men choosing Ukrainian women is that they think they will easily find and marry a young, beautiful, highly educated and intelligent woman in Ukraine independent of consideration of their own education, social status, appearance, and age. Almost all of the marriage agencies working with Ukraine assure you of this.

Although Ukrainian women traditionally prefer that the men are older, and usually don't pay as much attention to the man's appearance and social status, a very big difference in ages, tastes, lifestyle, and education is always a recipe for conflict. If you are not interested in the arts or classical music, but prefer, for instance, sports and hunting, then it will be difficult for you to share common interests with a wife whose interests include violin, classical art, and music. If you are, let's say, a farmer, then you will hardly be able to create a happy and harmonious family with a woman from a city or a woman who is career-oriented. However attractive and tempting these young beauties might be, try to use common sense and think about the consequences of your decisions. You will both be happier in the end. Aside from your way of life, tastes, and social status, the main factor in your choice is the compatibility of your characters. If you like a calm, serene life and quiet evenings at home by the TV or fireplace, then it will obviously be much easier for you to live with a woman with the same tastes. If your job or lifestyle involves interacting with many people, and you are socially active, then your future wife must be energetic and enjoy socializing with people as well. You may have heard the cliche, "opposites attract", but I don't believe that extreme opposites are compatible. Some differences in temperament, tastes, and viewpoint may be rather beneficial for marriages. But here, a common base of beliefs, way of life, and goals must exist.

Chapter 4: The Philosophy of Marriage.

Sexual harmony is a combination of emotions, spirituality, and mind.

Every marriage is based on the three cornerstones: the personality of the man, the personality of the woman, and the compatibility that connects these two personalities. We hope you know your personality rather well. Before making this important decision, try to learn the personality of your chosen one even better. Then, realistically and without illusions, analyze what connects the second of you -- how much you actually have in common. The more you have in common, the firmer the base of your marriage will be.

There are at least four kinds of traditional marriages. Each has its own tasks and mission. What kind to choose it depends on every individual person. One based on the romantik and sexual feelings of the partners, another- on a stable and secure life and the upbringing of children etc. One of the most common mistakes people make is that they are idealistically expecting everything at once from a marriage -- a secure life, a bright passionate lover, partnership, and high spiritual closeness. Though all of the above factors may be present in any marriage in various proportions, there will always be one of these factors that dominate and serve as the basis of every marriage. All of the other relations are secondary, and sometimes they are not present at all.

We have never heard that a really happy and harmonic marriage was built primarily on the sexual compatibility of its partners. On the other hand, a well-matched couple always achieves harmony in intimate relations. Sexual harmony is much more based on spiritual and mentally harmony than you may think. It is a combination of emotions, spirituality, and mind. Without these, sex is little more than animalistic pairing.

Traditional Ukrainian women believe that one has to come to intimacy gradually. One cannot skip one or two stages in the development of relations. First, souls have to come to unity; then, minds; and only then, -- bodies.

Chapter 5: Back to the Ukrainian History.

Formation of the Ukrainian character.

The Ukrainian character is a very complex aggregate. It is tied indelibly to the turbulent, violent, and passionate history of the Ukrainian people. To understand how it has been formed over the centuries and why there are so many contradictions and paradoxes, it can be a long excursion into the history of Ukraine. More than a thousand years ago, the large territory of the European part of modern Ukraine was populated with feuding Slavic tribes. They possessed neither formal laws nor government, and lived in near anarchy. The acceptance of Christianity by the princes helped women advance in high Ukrainian society. We read in sagas that Prince's wife had numerous military units under her direct command, separate from those of the prince. The princesses ruled their own administrative districts, supporting their individual military retinues, and argued with their husbands over who would find and retain the most courageous men.

Women's influence in the princes' families became so significant that even the famous one gave these instructions to his children: "Love your wives, but don't give them power over yourself." The princes taught their sons to respect their mothers as well as their fathers.

Some valuables, formed over the centuries.

Culture and education were highly respected in the princes' families. Many Ukrainian princes knew several foreign languages, were well -read, and composed philosophical, moral, and Christian manuscripts masterfully and poetically. From what we can tell, their wives and daughters didn't fall behind in their love for knowledge and culture. Western culture was conquering more and more space in the vast territory of Ukraine. But it was not shared with the common people. There were still very sharp class distinctions. The idea was that it was dangerous to present peasants with freedom and education because of their spiritual wildness and ignorance. One of the main tasks of that time was to create generous, cultured, and fair landowners in society that would be responsible for the well - being of his peasants. Ukrainian society polarized radically, with the rich and well-educated nobility on one side, and the completely destitute, illiterate, enslaved peasantry on the other side.

Now that you have a basic idea of the historical development of Ukraine, which has so strongly shaped the Ukrainian character, we will give you some advice on how to choose a Ukrainian wife.

Chapter 6: Some Advices on How to Choose a Ukrainian Wife.

Proprieties of The Ukrainian Women.

Traditional Ukrainian women are very intuitive. They can read the feelings and the thoughts of others through gut feelings and the knowledge of "body language." During Ukrainian history Ukrainian people were taught not to show their emotions. They were taught to manage their own feelings and to keep them under control. Traditional Ukrainian women think it indecent to shout, to squeal, to create hysterics, to break dishes, or to use foul language. They consider such behavior to be very bad manners and evidence of bad upbringing.

You can offend your Ukrainian wife by a sharp tone of voice or by using foul language in her presence. You can understandably insult her if you point out her financial dependence on you or the fact that you "made her happy" by taking her away from the poor conditions in Ukraine. Many Ukrainian women are known for their sensitivities. If you choose to get acquainted with a young girl born in the late 1970s or 1980s, then you have the best chances. But remember which period she was raised in and what affected her character. Add to this a lack of hope for any good life in modern Ukraine and the hardest economic conditions, and you will get a portrait of a desperate young woman ready to leave Ukraine at the first opportunity.

Advice: keep about some characters in mind.

If you are seeking a stable and happy marriage, then be very, very careful. Some Ukrainian girls will tell you anything you want to hear. Always keep in mind the unique intuitive ability of Ukrainians. You will never suspect anything until it's too late. Because of a desperate desire to immigrate, some of the girls will be deceiving not only you, but themselves, as well. They think that life in another countries won't be worse than life in Ukraine. As a result, you can marry a woman that is absolutely wrong for you, and both of you will be extremely unhappy. But to avoid such inconveniences- we are ready to help you. Of course, there are decent, moral traditionalists amongst the 18- to 20-year-old Ukrainian girls, as well. But finding them is more difficult than finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. You will have to conduct a serious investigation in order not to make a mistake. You will have to learn as much as possible about her origins, family, and the place she was raised. It is necessary to know from what cultural sources she was drawing her education, who her role models were, what books she read, what music she listened to, what the quality of relations between her parents was, and even the kind of relationship she has or had with her father. All of these details and more are critically important. It is necessary to have a rather deep knowledge of Ukrainian culture to be able to interpret her answers and make the right conclusions.

Woman of what age do you need?

It is true of course that if you want to have children in a marriage, then you should choose a wife under 35 years old. However, I should also point out that if you are seeking a woman who is 35 or older, then your chances of finding a traditional wife are much higher. Though generally rejected by shortsighted marriage agencies as unpromising prospects, these women are exactly the ones who present a golden backbone of the traditional Ukrainian women. They have had a rich life experience and good education. They witnessed the enormous changes of Ukrainian society during the past decade through adult eyes. They will be able to appreciate your heart, sincerity of your intentions, and the beauty of your soul. They will become faithful friends, faithful wives, and devoted mothers for your children -- all in one person. There are many, many women of great beauty -- within and without-- in this age group.

But, again, be aware. By no means are all the women of this age group likely to be traditional. You can easily meet career-minded, materialistic women, prostitutes, and swindlers of all stripes among them. We know many cases when formally divorced women were trying to marry foreigners in order to reunite with their Ukrainian husbands in a couple of years.

What must you know in order to marry a woman with a child.

It is most likely that some of these women are divorced and are mothers to a child or children. If you are ready to adopt a child, then such a choice will bring you many joys. First, your Ukrainian wife will be grateful to you for the caring about her child. Second, she will have a dear person -- her child -- to talk with in Ukrainian and she won't feel so lonely in a foreign country. But having made up your mind to marry a woman with a child, be careful to find out the following:

• 1. What was the reason for the divorce?

• 2. What relations does the woman have with her former husband?
• 3. Will her former husband give permission for the child to emigrate, or will serious problems appear in connection with this?
• 4. Did the former husband have problems with alcoholism and/or drugs?
• 5. What is the health/condition of the child? Does he/she have any chronic or hereditary diseases?
• 6. What is the child's behavior? Does he/she have any symptoms of hyperactivity or act spoiled?
• 7. What are your future wife's attitudes about discipline? Does she think that a father should be an authority figure in the family?
• We can tell you many stories about how suitable couples broke up because of problems with children from their previous marriages. Ukrainian women are noted for their care and self-sacrifice when it comes to their children. As a rule, they are wonderful mothers who give generously their love, time, and care for children. However, sometimes their love becomes excessive and they may spoil their children or almost worship them. It happens most often if a child is sick or if a child's father has abandoned him/her. Be mindful of this as you begin contacting women with children.

• The good news is that in most cases Ukrainian children and teenagers from solid, traditional families are much more well-behaved and respectful than those of their peers in the other countries. If you have teenagers who live with you or who visit you often, that's one more reason for a serious conversation with your future wife. Usually, Ukrainian women are very positive about becoming a second mother, and more than just a stepmother to them. But Ukrainian women very often have no idea about the often-troubling characters of foreign teenagers, nor do they understand the culture and its troublesome aspects. It is likely that the typical behavior of foreign teenagers may well shock your future wife. She won't be able to calmly accept the things that many foreign parents simply ignore -- free sexual relations, the noisy company of strange young people, alcohol, tattoos, wild fashion, loud music and independence without responsibility. Such behavior will worry and depress her. If you have teenagers who behave like this, I urge you to tell the woman you are corresponding with about the problem from the very beginning. If it doesn't scare her, she will be morally prepared for what is expected of her in your family.

Marriage: it's seems to be on cloud nine these days.

As we've said before, traditional Ukrainian women can't imagine their lives and families without children. A conscious sacrifice of motherhood is so atypical for Ukrainian women that it is considered an abnormality. Many Ukrainian women aspire to get married very early and bear children as soon as possible. A 25- to 26-year-old girl who hasn't yet been married is considered almost an old maid. Of course, the attitude towards this is different in different regions of the country. In the big cities of Ukraine it is possible to meet women of 30 and older who have never been married and have no kids. It is much more difficult to meet such women in provincial areas. Some Ukrainian women choose to be childless only because they haven't found a suitable husband among Ukrainian men. The idea of being a single mother doesn't satisfy them. Many of them dream of a full-fledged family and children. A big delusion of many Western men is the dream of finding a childless Ukrainian woman who will consciously refuse motherhood. Men who were once married and raised their own children are especially hopeful of finding such women. They selfishly suppose that they will be able to replace the Ukrainian woman's holy happiness of motherhood with their care, stable life, and opportunity to travel. Your chance of finding a traditional Ukrainian woman who is childless and wishes to remain so is negligible.

The family connections in Ukraine.

This is an important point, so we state it again. A truly traditional Ukrainian woman who tells you that she really doesn't want children is either deceiving you or deceiving herself. Sooner or later, she will want to have children and raise a family; it's nearly guaranteed. If you marry one that tells you otherwise, then in the end, you will be forced to make concessions or agree to a divorce. The only alternative may be a marriage with a woman who has a child from a previous marriage. She will have raised a child once, and may be satisfied with that. If you don't want to burden yourself with the care of small children, you will need to find a woman with children who are themselves adult or nearly adult. One more point you will want to pay your attention to the relatives of your future wife. The family connections of Ukrainians are very strong. You should plan for future communications with her relatives in advance so that she doesn't feel isolated from her home and family, and you should also discuss the opportunities for her to take trips to Ukraine after the marriage. The best and least expensive means of communication with her relatives will be a computer and e-mail. If you have an opportunity to buy an inexpensive computer in Ukraine, present it to her family. They will be thrilled. And your future wife will be able to stay in touch with her loved ones.

Also find out in advance about her financial relations with her parents and other relatives. Your future wife may be the only breadwinner in her family. In this case, you should settle the matter of material help for her parents when she moves to the West. Often an amount as small as $100 per month is enough to help her parents.

The single most important thing to keep always in the forefront of your mind is that immigration is never easy and never painless. Your wife will be making momentous changes in her life. Besides the isolation from her motherland, culture, language, and family, she may experience much stress from the fact that she will become absolutely dependent on you for quite some time. Adjusting to life in the West will take time and patience on both your parts. It is necessary to prepare well in advance and consider everything possible so that it passes as painlessly as possible.

Chapter 7: This Mysterious Ukrainian Soul and Character.

Their wonderful talents and tastes.

If you are lucky enough to meet a real traditional Ukrainian woman and marry her, then you will find out very soon how her character and inner world differs from all the women you know before. First of all, you will be impressed by her femininity, unselfishness, and desire to devote all her life to you and the family.

Almost all foreigners married to traditional Ukrainian women complain only about one thing -- the wonderful cooking talents of their wives, who "stuff them to the gills." Ukrainian food is very tasty, but high in calories and fat. Just for comparison, a Ukrainian meal can consist of as much as 3000 calories. Try tactfully to explain to your Ukrainian wife the differences in the traditions of cooking and eating between Ukraine and foreign countries from the very beginning. Also, if you invite relatives and guests over, your Ukrainian wife will undoubtedly try to serve a traditional Ukrainian table for them full of various dishes. We've already written about the hospitality of the Ukrainians. It's unthinkable for a Ukrainian woman to treat guests only to Coca-Cola and salted nuts. All the best that is in the house will be offered for them. Her richly - developed inner world will need real food, not junk food, which has no nutritional value. Good books will help appease her spiritual hunger. There are many stores throughout foreign countries that sell Ukrainian, Russian books. You can find them on the Internet and order books for your wife. You can also get videos of ballets, operas music and movies. These will more likely make her happy than mid-day television entertainment.

And if you have any space to have a garden by your house or condo, then your Ukrainian wife will probably be thrilled to be able to grow flowers and vegetables there. Her "green thumbs" will pleasantly surprise you.

Raised on European culture, Ukrainian women, as a rule, have wonderful tastes. However, young Ukrainian women understand European fashion very well and typically dress with taste and elegance.

After arriving another countries, all of them, with almost no exception, are shocked by how most foreigner's dress. Few traditional Ukrainian women enjoy wearing shorts, jeans, and sneakers. Most of them prefer an elegant feminine style and high-heel shoes.

Outside-strong, but soft inside

No matter how sensitive Ukrainian women are, they possess a strong character and will. She can and will leave you if you constantly offend her either physically or emotionally. But on the other hand, she will never leave you if you are in trouble. Even if you were wrong and cruel to her, she will stay with you in the hardest period of your life if she feels that you need her help and support. Her devotion and fidelity to her husband and family is legendary.

Who attracts a Ukrainian woman?

A Ukrainian woman feels a special interest in a man who came through a hard life and who suffered a lot. A successful person who doesn't know any pain and deprivation causes suspicions in her. Traditionally, an absolutely successful person can be associated with spiritual emptiness and selfishness in the Ukrainian consciousness. If you want a Ukrainian woman to become interested in you, don't try to speak only about your success. Show her that you know how the heart aches and that you've lived through rough times in life.

Material dreams and plans are boring and shallow to a woman of traditional Ukrainian character. If you tell your Ukrainian wife that you dream of working 12 hours a day to be able to retire at 40, or that your dream is to pay the mortgage off on the house in 15 years rather than in 30, she can grow visibly bored. In general, the Ukrainian character is much more romantic and dreamy than the foreign one. This is probably due to the fact that reality in Ukraine has never been sweet; people understand that they will not likely reach their desired happiness in real life. So, they escape in dreams.

The Ukrainian people are not spoiled with well - being. They treasure the things that are free in life and cannot be bought -- friendship, love, and spirituality. If you ask what a traditional Ukrainian woman is dreaming about, she will certainly tell you love and a happy family life. And it won't even come into her head to dream that her man should have a big house in a prestigious neighborhood, a flashy car, and a high social position. Give her a choice between two men -- one wealthy but devoid of spirit, one poor but possessing all the best human qualities -- she will choose the second without hesitation. Probably this reveals some impracticality and idealism of Ukrainians. But, what can be more valuable than a pure human heart and soul?

Ukrainians possess a great sense of curiosity. Life in other countries and other cultures interest them immensely. They treat people of other nationalities with great respect. Ukrainians have always honored and loved foreigners. Most Ukrainians are cosmopolitan, treating their own country and government very critically. They love nothing more than being able to interact with people of other cultures and share ideas. What would you do if you happened to come into extra money? Would you put it in the bank, buy stocks, put it away into a pension fund? Whatever you choose, most likely your reply would be practical and reasonable. But 99 of 100 traditional Ukrainian women would reply to the same question that they would go traveling, most likely to Europe. Traveling is one of the most secret passions of Ukrainians. Very few of them ever get such an opportunity, but they all dream about it.

The National character.

The national character often finds an expression in folk dances and songs. Look at the incendiary Ukrainian dances -- they reflect a real Ukrainian temperament -- bold, indefatigable, and coming from the heart. Compare this with the distinct individualism found in so many foreigners. They surround themselves with an invisible wall and don't allow even the closest people in their lives to pass through it. Even in family relations and close friendships, foreigners, as a rule, leave themselves some extra privacy. Ukrainians can't do the same. There is not even a word in the Ukrainian language for "privacy." Their hearts and souls are opened wide. And very often they suffer because of their openness and naivety. They use an expression that at such moments their soul turns into a "a live wound." It is a very accurate description, as it is very easy to wound the Ukrainian soul because of its accessibility and sensitivity. A relationship with a traditional Ukrainian woman will require an investment of emotions and feelings, and a large amount of respect. Be certain that you are up to the task before you decide to marry a Ukrainian woman.

Some notes about Ukrainian men.

Ukrainian men can sometimes be egotistical and primitive in their approach to sex, and do not think much of the feelings of their partners and wives. That is why, for most Ukrainian women, their experiences with men have left negative feelings and humiliation. Unfortunately, many of them begin to think that intimate relations with men always result in pain, suffering, and the sacrifice of their own dignity. It's your job to prove to her that there are still gentlemen in the world who understand how to treat a lady. A woman will be pleasantly surprised at your Western manners and delicacy in intimate matters.

Most likely you will be her first real man, even if you marry a divorced woman with children. If you give her the time she needs, she will learn to feel confident in your arms, and will open her true passionate and gentle nature for you. Some of my clients tell us approximately the following: "All right. I understand I need to be a gentleman. But we have so little time to get to know each other. I cannot buy a pig in a poke. I don't want to marry a woman without testing our sexual compatibility first." We will tell you what we usually say: If sexual compatibility is more important to you than the rest of what she will offer, then you do not need a traditional woman and traditional marriage. You will get better results if you meet a liberated and sexually experienced woman. Forget Ukraine. Go to Los Angeles.

In some cases intuition helps.

As for Ukrainian women themselves, they have such strong intuition and "internal vision" that they can love a man just for his soul and heart. That it spiritual love, and it is the highest love that one could hope to achieve. The traditional Ukrainian woman who will love you will not love you for your bedroom eyes, your sexy butt, or your strong physique. She will love you for who you are, unconditionally. She will help you to see yourself in a different way -- the way you were conceived and made by our Creator. This love will purify and ennoble you, and you will understand the magic that a traditional Ukrainian woman can bring to your life. The best way to start is to locate and contact only local Ukrainian marriage agencies - not those that work together with Western agencies, but the independent ones. Unfortunately, not many of them have their own e-mail addresses or sites on the Internet, which makes the search more challenging. The dating agency ''Bridge'' is the best place to start. However, unlike what you may have heard, we would advise you it. Before picking a local marriage agency, examine the region, taking into consideration your philosophy in life and about all things surround you.

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