Things Women Hate About Men

Ego! We fail to understand why men can stop and ask for direction till it's 40 kms into the wrong direction?! Like, isn't it more sensible to just ask for directions, you save on time, petrol and energy?

Would it kill to remember? They remember the names of cricketers from Holland and the scores each player has made, but cannot for the life them remember birthdays, anniversaries and buying gifts. What kind selective memory is that?

Ogling: They love to ogle at women (read breasts), even when they are with their date. Like, how rude!

Double talk: They nod their heads during a talk about gender equality, and then insist on paying the bills during a date, because it is not manly enough to let the woman pay. Yeah, right! At least, not when someone could be watching.

Lazy men: Talking about gender equality and men supporting it, how about giving us a hand with household chores?

Possessive... ugh! They are extremely possessive. Whatever makes them so insecure as opposed to the manly image they like portray?

Hypocrisy: They love to hang out with cool babes, but when it comes to marriage they want a simple homely girl. Guys, looks like you have around two centuries of catching up to do. And... please hurry with it!

The basics of life: Life without booze, sex and cigarettes is just unthinkable. And, no, I haven't figured the order of importance.,/p>

The phallic symbol: They have a birth right over the Remote control. Seems it is more like a phallic symbol that they need to carry around at home, I guess.

Superman! Think of themselves to be exalted beings - a mechanic, technician, plumber and financial advisor all rolled into one. We might have liked that about you, if you didn't make such a big deal out of it!

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