Things Women Want Men To Lie About

So ok, we've gone over things men want women to lie about, and now we're discussing things women want men to lie about. There are loads more things on this end, I assure you -- but we're only going to go over 5 of them today, for the sake of time. Believe me when I tell you women are far more neurotic than men, and this list could go on for days if I didn't set a limit!

As with the article, there are bound to be women who say some of these things don't bother them. If the answers are flattering, I'm sure that's true. If they aren't.. well.. I doubt they wouldn't be bothered! Yes, some women women will say they want to know the truth... but I kind of think they only want to know it if it sounds good!

The size of her arse.

Unless you're dating an aerobics instructor, I'd be very careful before answering this one. And I would not make any attempts to qualify the question by asking things like "do you mean width or total surface area". She won't hear anything you say from that point forward, anyway, she'll be too busy sobbing into her pillow -- the one in the bedroom you're unlikely to be allowed into for the next few days.

Whether or not you think her friends are hot.

I could write you a very lengthy explanation for why you don't want to discuss things like this, but I won't. Just do yourself and your woman a favor and don't get involved in this kind of discussion. Just tell her that *she's* the hottest woman you know -- even if her BFF is a Victoria's Secret model.

Don't tell her how great your ex is.

For God's sake, don't do this. Most women will immediately feel like they are in a competition with her, even if you haven't seen her since she joined the Hare Krishnas 10 years ago and moved to Iceland. Just tell your present GF that *she's* the best, and that'll keep things happy.

How many women you've slept with.

It's ok to tell us a few; most of us prefer a man be experienced in bed. But we don't want to think you shagged every girl in your college dorm. It's best to just say a few, and if asked about their skills, do not be silly enough to mention how talented any of them were!

Is she putting on weight.

If she's the type who wouldn't normally ask this kind of thing, but suddenly asks if she's getting fat -- the answer is ALWAYS no. I don't care if she's turned into Fat Actress. The answer is NO. She's asking because she already *knows* she's putting weight on, and she's depressed about it. She's looking for a little cheer-up in the form of a white lie. So give it to her. Happy people lose weight faster than depressed people who mope around with jello-pops in their mouths all day.

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