To Save The Marriage It Will Be Better Not Sleep Together

The best recipe to extend marriage is to pretend that it does not exist, at least in bed. Those who sleep separately, in fact, live in married 100 years. This we believe American experts in the field of sleep, following the advice of the French writer Mopassana, which belonged to the marriage as "an exchange of bad mood, day and night bad smells."

According to a study by the American National Foundation for sleep problems, 23% of adult Americans, legally or marriage, sleeping in different beds, because partner snores , shoe in dream, suffer from nightmares or violates other night silence strange actions. They are not those who chose different rooms because of the schedule, not the room temperature or in the hope of creating a romantic passion, and so the actual number of those who sleeps in the house apart from each other, much higher.

Based on these data, the American newspaper The Washington Post conducted a survey among doctors, psychologists, religious leaders and spouses themselves to determine the extent, causes and consequences of the phenomenon, says the Italian edition of La Stampa. The response was almost unanimous : sleep alone is to help the marriage, provided that such a decision would be taken with the necessary sensitivity.

According to doctors, in particular, neurology from George Washington University Helene Emsellem, the starting point is clear : adult needs seven to nine hours of sleep a day. She said that this condition is necessary for health.

The National Fund for Research on sleep suggests that the bad behavior during sleep partner steals average, the second partner of 49 minutes of sleep every night, and that something must be done. Placed full night people become nervous, malfunctioning, luck house ceases sexual relations. A lack of adequate sleep to have devastating consequences for marriage. If you can not even solve the problem, for the benefit of better sleep in different beds or in different rooms, says the publication.

Physiological needs in the dream is not the only reason that can actually increase slightly between legitimate civil or spouses. Some couples prefer to sleep separately in order to overcome the boredom and habit, hoping to restore passion when they finally decide to spend the night together. Some of Science sleep for a week in different rooms, then a weekend, as if it was a holiday.

According to Norman Epstein, professor of family medicine at the University of Maryland, this can be done if everyone agreed in advance. The risk here, however, is that such decisions result in isolation from each other partners, and the case could go to a divorce. If the motives and clear rules from the beginning, this trick to work.

Representatives of religious communities, have spoken to the newspaper correspondents, are at the top of the unity of the family, not forgetting that sexual relations are intended to procreate. In their view, it would be better to stay together, but if you sleep on separate beds rescues Union. It is important to limit its scope and the need to continue to support marriage through other means that when you face again with her husband under a blanket, you avoid the feeling that this is a foreign person finds

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