Top 11 Tips For Healthy Skin

Real beauty may lie skin deep but it is undeniably true that healthy skin is a big attraction and is a mirror to your health and fitness. This outermost layer of the body needs some extra care and attention due to its being constantly exposed to the dust and other harmful bacteria in the environment. Some easy yet effective ways to maintain healthy skin are :

1. Develop the habit of drinking normal water. Drink at least 7-8 glasses of plain water each day and avoid soda and other alcoholic drinks as much as you can. Water helps in purifying the body from within and gives a glow to the skin.

2. Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and go easy on fast and fattening foods. Fresh fruits and veggies help in both ways- make your skin healthy and beautiful and simultaneously balance your weight. According to Aaron Tabor, M.D, CEO and medical research director at Revival Soy in Kernersville, North Carolina, soy is great food for healthy and shining skin. That is so because soy contains high quality protein that builds and maintains collagen, the material which is essential to the skin’s health. Another way to keep skin healthy is to cook with garlic. Garlic augments 7 times the life span of skin cells. So if you like garlic, make use of it while you cook.

3. Do not use very old cosmetics and cosmetic tools. Also say no to applying cosmetics used by other people. You must always remember to close tightly all your cosmetics. Do not use some cosmetics like creams, lotions etc. directly on your face because facial skin is tender in relation to the rest of the skin. If you are using a new cream or lotion, apply some of it on your elbow first. If nothing happens to your skin, you can go ahead and make use of the product on your face.

4. Try to balance the moisture content of your skin. Scratch a little the skin of your arm or leg by fingernail and see its dryness. If there is a white mark left on the skin, your skin needs both- moisture and exfoliation. But remember, select a moisturizer that suits your body.

5. Avoid stress and unnecessary tensions. Stress will deteriorate your skin by making it look dull and replete with pimples. Rather concentrate in yoga and other exercises otherwise immerse yourself in your work and hobbies to avoid stress. For healthy skin, you must work out to sweat. Sweating throws out the toxic chemicals present under the skin and keeps it clean from within.

6. Apply some olive oil to your elbows, knees and back of your arms almost everyday to keep the skin in these parts soft and healthy. Olive oil contains monosaturated fat that refreshes and hydrates skin without any greasy effect. If your skin is extra ordinarily dry, smooth Aloe Vera gel over it because the acids in it, accelerate the healing process. For rough and dry elbows, apply grapefruit halves for at least 15minutes.

7. To clean the skin or nails of feet and hands soften them by soaking in lukewarm water for a while. You can put some liquid soap in the water and let it first cleanse the extra dirt in your hands and feet. Later you can gently rub them with a towel. Apply a moisturizing cream when you are done and wear some thin fabric socks and gloves while going to sleep.

8. Do not wear make up in the night. Clean your face, neck, ears, feet and neck with a toner or cleansing agent according to the need of your body. If you have a dry skin, apply some good moisturizer before going to bed. But in case you do not have dry skin, don’t put any cream on your face while going to bed. Wash your face properly with a face wash and dry it properly with a towel. You can apply some rose water on your face while going to bed.

Make sure that your pillow cover is clean and tidy so that the germs on it do not crawl over your face and settle down their in the form of pimples. Also try and keep your hands off your face even while sleeping.

9. For a healthy scalp, wash your hair regularly. Use mild shampoo and conditioner and see if your scalp is dry and needs oiling. In case it does, oil massage your scalp at least once in a week. If you have time, then go for a hair massage or give steam to hair at home. This will augment the growth and texture of hair and will also provide you a healthy scalp. Also, avoid scratching your scalp with nails and other things.

10. Do not use too much of aromatic products especially when you are going in the sun. Also it is advisable that you apply unscented baby powder in the areas where skin meets such as inner thighs, underarms, beneath beasts, to keep them clean and dry. This prevents the intertrigo skin problem that occurs when these portions remain moist.

11. Avoid smoking, tanning and sun bath to protect your skin from damaging.

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