Types And Potential Partners

No matter how much the men are getting married, he is married to a woman of a warehouse. How many times a woman has remarried, it will certainly reach men the same type. Rich love poor erudite -foolish , rosy -pale, and good enough harmful. According to this conventional logic, can be judged on potential partners, which provide the family unions. Inferences based on the coin, lead us to believe that our life is like social yard : some come and some go. When God created different types of women and all he has exposed to find happiness.

The first (woman-philosopher), it gave a huge performance, chastity and impeccable logic, developed the ability to feel the trees, enjoy the aroma of flowers fragrance free flight birds, shining vision palaces under the eternal sky and be happy merely small. This is reflected in the arts. The desire to find between intercommunication objects and phenomena contributing to the ability of people to understand, that has played a positive role in building a strong relationship with the half of humanity. Then the God abandoning its eternal search for self-identity.

The second woman (women-practice) God left mental beauty, pleasant appearance, denied coquetry and elegant manner. He compensated for the fact that it gave a clear mind, business acumen and practical, given the limits of audacity to face difficulties in life and learn to survive among the people who are in his flock long been estranged. The women hardly knew loneliness. About a man say : “ I like it for stonewalls”. This type of people are dumb, but the experience makes them smart to understand one : love is a great habit, and nothing more.

A third of women (women-beauty) God has good external data, and skill to be capricious and to grimace, love passionate fans and jealous rivals aware that the strength in its women's weakness. But, unfortunately, he gave his only form and gave physical beauty emotional heat that, like a precious stone, which only affects and dazzles its splendour. Returning to the previous analogy, you can describe the potential of each of the three women : the first beneficiaries of the harmful and stupid because it is good and smart; The second will link their destiny is bound to rosy and “gold” as well as the very poor and simple; Third go good and rich. Truth, which pertain to love and marriage, in my view, not be confirmed in life. It is uncomfortable even for those who still believed that the family alliances partners should complement each other. Time settles all their seats in the examples proving that the most solid marriages are those which are built in this way : the intelligence to the intelligence, temperament to temperament, sexuality sexuality. What do you think?

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