Types Of Boyfriends

Boyfriends can be of many types. Here are the categories from which you can evaluate where your boyfriend fits in and find out more about his traits and personality:

• Mr Family Man – A perfect marriage material, this type of guy is always ready to help you with household chores, cuddle you and pamper you. He is well behaved and just a sweetie darling. Though, he is not so popular with guys who consider him a soft-boiled egg. Even you may feel that he is a little too compassionate and lacks willpower.

• Mr Grumpy – This guy has a lot to complain about everything and anything in the world and everybody is either stupid or evil for him. He rarely ventures out of the house and is a predictable jerk. It is very difficult to fare with such a person for long.

• Mr Creampuff – Always ready to say sorry, this guy is just too soft. He is cute and has an innocent look on the face and trembles and jumps entertainingly when he is startled by any loud noise including slamming of doors and a sudden increase in volume of the TV. He is eager to surrender and gets spooked very easily.

• Mr Bigfoot – Big, strong and dumb, this type of boyfriend is quite handy when it comes to rearranging furniture or change your home to haul heavy stuff in a jiffy. He is easily fooled too but you have to bear with his heavy sweating and be careful, lest he breaks you in half while hugging you.

• Mr Parasite – A couch potato and probably a drug addict, you can easily get hands on him. However, he thinks he has a right to use and abuse everything you own and will hardly be able to fulfill your dreams. Get rid of him quickly or he will sponge off a big chunk of your money very quickly.

• Mr Sneaky – This type of guy loves to sneak on you and may even hire private detective to keep an eye on everything you do. He may use hidden cameras and may even go to the lengths of desiring to known each and every word. You can never be sure that whether he is having time of his life or is really having pangs of guilt.

• Mr Dreamer – Probably a struggling artist or a philosopher or simply a buffoon, this type of guy has no idea of what his career and growth prospects are and how he is going to achieve his goals. Yet, he always dreams of being rich and famous someday. He is good at telling interesting tall tales but may turn Mr Grumpy after sometime.

• Mr Right – A perfect man of everyone’s dreams and answer to everyone’s prayer, this man is rich, handsome, has perfect manners, owns almost every luxury in the world and loves you like God. However, he has long been hunted to extinction.

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