Types Of Friendships Between Men And Women

1.She is like a sister to me.

This kind of friendship means that a woman is like an older sister or a mother. This usually happens if a man is weak and woman has a strong, forceful character. I can’t say anything else about this type of friendship because I haven’t had such an experience and I don’t advise you to, either.

2.I can talk with her about THEM.

This is the type of friendship where a woman is perceived as an older sister. It usually occurs between inexperienced boys and girls who are inexperienced in love. What can I say? If you don’t enjoy the role of a young boy, you might want to avoid this kind of friendship. Nevertheless, a man should become more experienced. For example, you might entrust her with something very private about your relationship with your girlfriend in order to get her advice. This might seem helpful, but will her advice be objective? There is a proverb: “Listen to a woman, but do everything opposite from what she says.” Consequently, I think all such pieces of advice must be closely examined and thought over by you.

3.I like you but…

I have a boyfriend already. It often happens. You begin to court her, present her with flowers, etc. Suddenly, when everything seems to be going well, she says with a sadistic smile, “You know I like you. You are so nice but I have a boyfriend already. Let’s just be friends.” It does not depend on whether or not she has a boyfriend. If she says such a statement, it doesn’t mean that she really does. But chances are that you have done something that made her draw the line, and she has made her first step towards using you. If, when on a date, a girl says that she has a boyfriend, it means that you are an extra interest for her.

4.Business collaboration.

This is a very productive kind of friendship. As for me, I really like it. Sometimes your business partner may be female. Businesses can be of a different kind. For example, this may be your own firm or enterprise or just simply a similar hobby.

5.We have fun together.

It’s a kind of business collaboration. Imagine that you have the same interests. You are fond of non-fiction and you can talk about it for hours, you are keen on tourism and you often go hiking together, etc.

6.A family friend.

It happens that you have a friend who has a girlfriend, but she likes you. She’s attracted to you, she is nice to you, she trusts you with some of her private thoughts and feelings. I have been in such situations several times and it’s not the best type of friendship. Do you need to have all these problems? If you do, then you are probably a bad friend.

7.“Family” variant also exists.

For instance, you have a best friend and your girlfriends are also good friends. Or perhaps you are two married couples who are very close and you celebrate some holidays together. It’s interesting for you to be together. It cannot be called friendship between a man and a woman, this kind of friendship is collective.


You respect each other, you are interested in each other, and you are not confused with the fact that she is a girl. You do not speak about love or sex, but about your life and your hobbies. You have a girlfriend, your friend has a boyfriend, and nobody is jealous because everybody understands that you are just friends. You do not interfere in each other’s private life as possible lovers. This happens very rarely, but it does occur. I feel that this makes for a good and faithful friendship, however only time can prove if it will last.

Some other thoughts:

Friendship between a man and a woman differs from friendships between people of the same sex. This is neither better nor worse, it is just different.

Sex and friendship may be combined, however it is more an exception than a rule. Sex should not influence friendship.

It’s easier to have a friend of the same sex. But it is more pleasant to be friends with one of an opposite sex.

Women will be friends with men if they consider them to be interesting and intelligent. Men tend to be friends with women if they like their appearance.

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