Ukraine Girls - Scammers

I often hear about Ukrainian girls - scammers. I'm very sorry for all the people that have been deceived in this manner.

Nevertheless, it's a bizarre scenario. Okay, let's attempt to dissect it.

A man feels isolated. He browses profiles at a dating agency and spots her (why her specifically? Because the photo is appealing and, undoubtedly, she desires a family, she simply loves cooking, cleaning, laundering, child-rearing, and wishes to dedicate her entire life to him). The man reaches out to her, harboring a kind of blueprint (or a fantasy) in his mind. He anticipates the same from her (surely he does, right?). After all, he's been told countless times that Ukrainian girls are beautiful and intelligent, excellent homemakers, and loyal friends with no expectations. He's aware that life in Ukraine is tough, with an ongoing economic crisis, and the male demographic is dwindling, where among the remainder, many struggle with alcoholism and drug addiction, making it extremely difficult for a Ukrainian woman to find a man to establish a joyful family with.

Both parties seek the same outcome. But what's the hitch? Where does the problem lie?

It's a typical human trait to confuse wishes with reality. How can someone be so gullible as to transfer money to an individual they've never met? How can they afterwards claim that all Ukrainian girls are swindlers and that it's wiser to avoid engaging with them? It's blatantly clear - do not send money, full stop. Try to meet her. Learn more about her, her lifestyle, habits, thoughts, her family, and friends. However, avoid making judgments based solely on correspondence - for a seasoned scammer, crafting convincing and moving letters is a breeze; it's their profession! But for a genuine girl, it may not be so; she might feel uncomfortable revealing herself in writing. Or perhaps her English is not that strong. Regardless, if a person sends money to a bald, overweight 75-year-old man (albeit with fluent English) hoping he'll morph into a stunning 20-year-old woman, that's his own folly :)

I've recently received numerous inquiries concerning Ukrainian girls' letters flooding inboxes, like those seen in Yahoo personals and elsewhere.

It's ludicrous! The English is terrible; it's evident that these are templated messages dispatched to countless men simultaneously. And yet, men believe them! When does your gullibility reach its limit? It's simply a business exploiting you.

An American once asked me to evaluate a letter to discern whether it's a scam. The entire letter just rambles on about how she excels in cooking, cleaning, bearing children, etc. He responded and received more incoherent blabber about herself: how desperately she wishes to be with him, how it was love at first email, how she yearns for him and wants to be with him forever. She didn't even pen anything personal, not a single question about his life (which he had shared with her).

The entire letter goes: "Ah, I am so simple and remarkable, ah, I enjoy the simple life, I can work (I have numerous degrees) or I can stay at home, I yearn for children but if my man doesn't want any, I will never insist. I love to cook, dance, clean the house, walk, and so on. I have a great job but could you assist me with the funds to travel to you, say about 1500 USD. Ah, I'll be eternally yours and serve you all my life. Ah, look at 'my' pictures, am I not attractive? Indeed, I am, even though they're not actually my pictures :P"

Believing this seems crazy, doesn't it?

If you're eager to get to know a Ukrainian girl, why not converse through instant messaging at least? Ah yes, they all claim to use an internet cafe just long enough to send you a message. Because everything is so costly. No chance to get a home phone. No means to acquire a computer and the internet. How believable :)

Another person wrote something like this: "What kind of country is this?! How is it that when I call her on her home phone, she has to pay for the incoming international call as if she made the call herself? That's why she doesn't give me her phone number. It's no wonder that Ukraine is struggling! There's no order in this country!"

Hey, pal, first verify your "girl". That's not accurate. Almost everyone has a home phone, and we don't pay for incoming calls. Instead of rebuking Ukraine, examine yourself and your "acquaintances".

One gentleman recounted his experience: he posted his profile on a dating/find-a-friend site and was bombarded with letters from so-called "Ukrainian girls". They all claimed they had reviewed his profile and were interested. However, the site showed him who had actually viewed his profile.

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