Understanding Men

For all women out there, the idea of ‘understanding men’ had been the biggest query of life. Over the years, this question has emerged various times, and every time, a woman is simply left with blurred ideas as to what a man wants from her. It seems that men say something else and do something else. Most of the times, women find themselves confused and even bewildered after getting mixed replies or messages from their better halves. Possibly, if women used to think like men, then there would be no problem at all and this way, their relationship could be a lot easier and better.

Understanding Men in Relationships

Usually women have the propensity to grieve over problems as they wish for their problems to be recognized, whereas men generally complain about problems since they want solutions. People who have asserted ‘Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus’, have truly investigated the matter and come to a conclusion. Certainly, the viewpoints of men and women differ from each other and both the genders react in a different way under pressure. Men hardly ever consider about writing a love letter or sending flowers to their females.

At times, this becomes quite frustrating for a woman because she finds lack of romanticism in her partner. But keep in mind, men don’t always think in this manner. You might think that your sex life is not good since it lacks the gene of romance. Probably your idea of romance is different from them. No problem, share your ideas with your man. Tell him that you would like to get a phone call from him along with a sweet kiss or would love to get flowers sent by him at work. I’m sure you will see the results pretty soon.

How to Understand Men Better

Don’t be afraid if he doesn’t act in response, because it is likely that he has other things on his mind. Always remember, everything is possible and you can change things too. Try to deal with things in an informal way. See if your guy appears indifferent when you talk about something important? Does it happen that both of you want to discuss about same problem? What has been experienced is that men generally want to keep their problems to themselves and contemplate them for a long time. Never think that your guy is unable to communicate with you. It is just he wants to analyze the situation at his hand before saying something.

Frequently, it has been seen that a man would come with some concrete or definite solution to a problem more willingly than simply discussing various options with you. Once it’s about communicating things, give your sweetheart some space. When he talks regarding the issue, listen to him, rather than ignoring him at that time. Both the sexes have their own way of communicating, so don’t get upset if he doesn’t response in the way you wanted. Whenever such things happen, try to think about things by stepping into his shoes.

As soon as you understand that men think differently, you will find that you are relieved from a heavy weight. Slowly and steadily, you would recognize that everything is fine, and it’s just the way of thinking. Since childhood, men are educated to be detached from their internal feelings and women are taught to expect men to be strong and controlled. According to surveys, it is revealed that 20% of divorces are due to disloyalty and other due to communication problems and incompatibility. Men typically get into extramarital sex, when they are starved of intimacy at home.

To fill such gap, they get addicted to more and more sex. It is not that they are happy about it, but such a situation adds to their guilt, isolation and despair. Women usually gratify their emotional self through friends’ network or through their children. For men, sex is the only way by which they can get emotional closeness. What all can be said concluding is, we don’t think of the result in the heat of the moment and get into disloyal actions. Marriage is a commitment and one should respect his/her partner. If there are problems, sit and discuss them. Respect and care for each others’ feelings.

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