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Currently, the Internet has become one of the most popular and interesting way to learn. It allows communication, which we do not see or hear the conversation. But if the letters you think that you finally met at the site dating from someone close to you in spirit, and agreed to meet with him at real world, take note of the following tips :

1. You do not know this man. You would, of course, say that already exchanged hundreds of letters, sat a bunch of time online dating. But all this does not mean that you are already well-informed people. You do not know what it's like (after all, you can put a picture and who want, not necessarily his), you never heard his voice, you do not know what is expected of reality. It is not reluctant to give his phone number to a strange man waiting time until the letters just not sure that this person is adequate.

2. Before the meet, talk with him by telephone. When you come to the conclusion that normal people can exchange telephone numbers. But never meet until talk with him by telephone. In phone calls try to understand it better, to know that he loves, as passionate as it is not, and try to understand whether you prefer to see the man closely, whether you prefer to pursue any relations with him. In order to relieve the stress of communicating with unknown people, take a bath with a relaxing essential oils.

3. Choose crowded place for the first meeting with unfamiliar people. If a phone call was successful, and you wanted to know this person closer come to meeting, but it is necessarily to do it in crowded area during daylight hours. However, for the first meeting too late, remember that the people you know too little. In a meeting place somewhere, such as theater or cafe, but in no case accept the stranger at home and don't meet with him at his home. If you decide to meet in another city, be sure to reserve a hotel room, but did not tell his new friend where you stay.

4. Ideally, the first meeting should last for a couple of hours, not more. Do not expose itself to excessive stress, stretching first meeting for a few hours or a day. Meeting with a little known man is always stress. Think of the meeting as an opportunity to get to know people and assess it. Should you be satisfied from the first meeting, the following can be lengthened. But if this person is not communicative , silent and refuse to answer your questions, try to keep him away.

5. Make a good impression. Try to not only look good, but surely behave, try to locate people to imagine. This will help smiling, and the attributes that create a good first impression : a good sense of humor, self-confidence and success, repeat piece, body language, goodness, internal heat, effective communication skills, creativity, the full development rights and the ability to support any conversation. It was not necessarily have all the above attributes, it is important to learn to emphasize the positive qualities that you already have. Finally, it is all people who are looking for love online, to wish him luck, interesting meetings and memorable in a good sense, impressed!

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