Useful Tips For The Men

• When you meet a lady you've been corresponding it is a good idea to present her a small gift (candies, flowers). It is meant to be done as a matter of politeness. Ukrainian woman will be touched by this.

• Do not shake hands with the lady whom you meet after long correspondence for the first time in real life, it is too formal, exchange some light gentle cheek kisses with her, don't kiss her in her forehead(funeral kiss).

• Most of Ukraine women are not desperate about leaving the country or crazy about all foreigners. You would be judged pretty tough with no excuse. Be dressed well at first meeting and show your best to conquer her best first impressions.

• Don't give even number of flowers to woman from former Soviet Union, even number is for funeral ceremony. 3,7,9 are fine.

• Yellow roses are a symbol of separation. Think before buying a bouquet of those!

• Always open the doors in front of the lady. Ladies first!

• Being at bar, restaurant, cafe always pull the chair for lady to have a seat

• You should be the one to serve food and drinks

• Always help your lady with her coat or jacket! Otherwise she will think you are impolite

• Going to her parents don't go without a present. Present flowers for her mother!

• Coming inside the house leave your shoes near the entrance even locals insist to keep your shoes on, Ukrainians usually wear slippers at home - do same!

• Don't start emotional speeches about politics at first meeting, your lady will have a different viewpoint for sure, you will get in a fight :)

• Christmas is not the main holiday in Ukraine, New Year is one. They have presents and Christmas tree for New Year.

• Do not shake hands across the threshold of a door. Locals consider it as bad luck.

• Do not whistle near Ukrainian lady. There is saying here that you will not have money if you whistle.

• Turning down food cooked by her may offend Ukraine woman, just try it and say you liked it!

• Don't try to look like local man, be yourself!

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