What Is Sex?

It’s important to understand that none of the eight types is better than any other.

The Traditionalist: Don’t let the name fool you! Traditionalists are full of heat that so far they’ve released in pretty standard ways. When it comes to sex, they’re comfortable doing it, comfortable talking about it and good at listening to what their partner wants. Traditionalists do well with every sex type with a little work, but naturally partner best with other Traditionalists, Introverts and Intellectuals.

The Introvert: Introverts like physical intimacy, but they are a little shy about starting sex. Introverts are most compatible sexually with Traditionalists, Initiators and Contradictors, although Introverts can work well with every other sex type.

The Contradictor: Contradictors seem reserved and conservative, but inside, they’re wildcats. They tend to be sexually dominant and prefer their partner to show a mutual interest. Contradictors can do well with every sex type with a little work, but they naturally partner best with other Contradictors, Subservients and Mavericks.

The Fantasizer: Fantasizers love to talk and dream about sex, but when they get behind closed doors, just watch them put those dreams into action. Fantasizers get busy best with other Fantasizers, but they generate some serious heat with Mavericks and Initiators.

The Intellectual: Intellectuals are comfortable talking, thinking and analyzing the idea of sex, but they generally don’t move into the provocative side in practice. Intellectuals find their best partner in other Intellectuals, but they also work well with Traditionalists and Subservients. Intellectuals can also have steamy passion with the other five sex types, if they work at it.

The Subservient: Subservients are submissive, but with an attitude: They know what it takes to get the job done, but they want their partner to do the heavy lifting. Subservients are curious and willing to explore, and once things get going they’ll work just as hard to make sure their partner is satisfied. Subservients are most compatible with Initiators, Contradictors and Mavericks.

The Initiator: Initiators like to lead, rather than follow. They’re up-front about telling their partner what they need, how to do it and for how long. Initiators push themselves to find new ways to take a walk on the wild side. Initiators find their best partner in Subservients, but they also work well with Introverts and Fantasizers.

The Maverick: Mavericks are provocative, adventurous and uninhibited. They’re the Indiana Jones of the bedroom — or anyplace else they decide to have sex. If they hear about it, they’ll probably try it. Mavericks like their partners to be mutually aggressive and experimental. Mavericks are most compatible with other Mavericks, Fantasizers and Subservients.

While one sex type is not better than another, it is also true that the eight types are not equally distributed on the continuum of sexuality. Mathematically, there are four general comfort levels. The eight sex types break out like this in terms of how sexually liberal the sex type tends to be:

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