Why Men Divorce Women?

As the psycho-emotional framework of women tends to slightly differ from men, the reasons why men divorce women also happen to be varied to some extent.

Under normal circumstances, men do prefer to cherish their family and marriage. In fact, it is relatively rare for men to initiate divorce proceedings. As per a recent research, 66 percent of times it is women who initiate a divorce, while for men this figure stands at a comparatively low level of 41 percent. Still it cannot be said that men are not prone to divorce. Many a time, certain peculiar circumstances in a marriage may induce a man to seek divorce from his wife. Various possible reasons why men choose to divorce women are:

Lack of Commitment

Sometimes, men do fail to develop a strong sense of commitment and sincerity towards their marriage and spouse. The reasons for this deficiency may vary from person to person. Such an attitude inevitably dilutes the marital cohesion and may culminate in a divorce.

Lack of Communication

In today’s busy social and professional setup, spouses rarely get ample time to communicate with each other. People often fail to keep track of their marital life and a sense of disillusionment creeps into their marriage. Many a time, such emotional and psychological cynicism may induce a man to seek a divorce.


With increased participation of women in the work force, women tend to become more career-savvy and smart. It is not rare for career women to abandon their spouse and other marital responsibilities. Under such circumstances, a man is left with no other option, but to divorce his wife.

Emotional Abuse

Though it is quite rare for men to be victims of physical and sexual abuse because of obvious reasons, yet it is not uncommon for us to come across families where a nagging wife has turned the life of a husband to a virtual hell. Men facing emotional abuse in their marital lives may choose to escape by seeking a divorce.


Various studies over the years have established the fact that men are more prone to extramarital affairs as compared to women. In today’s cosmopolitan society, it is not difficult for unsatisfied husbands to come across women who are sympathetic and willing to be a part of their lives. Men do often file for a divorce to pursue their new-found love.

Inability to Manage Conflict

Contemporary marital relationships are susceptible to much more complexities and emotional upheavals which demand astute management skills on the part of both the spouses. Men being more prone to pursuing career goals are often unwilling or ill-prepared to manage situations of marital conflict, which ultimately end up in a divorce.

?Irreconcilable Differences

After years of marital adjustment and compromise, a husband may come to the conclusion that there exist certain irreconcilable differences between him and his wife, which cannot be resolved or pacified in a reasonable way. This leads to unnecessary friction in the marriage and often ends up in a divorce.

Financial Problems

Many a time, husbands tend to feel that that the psychological and emotional satisfaction they get from their spouses fails to be commensurate with the extent of financial sacrifice they are making to sustain their families. Such disparities may sometimes instigate a man to opt for a divorce.

Differences in Personal and Career Goals

Career-oriented spouses often have to face wide differences in their personal and career goals. Men often expect women to sacrifice their career for the sake of the family. Inability or refusal on the part of a woman may call for a divorce.

Sexual Incompatibility

Though rarely considered, sexual incompatibility is one of the major causes that provokes men to divorce their wives. A man may fail to get the desired level of sexual gratification or satisfaction from his wife. The resulting frustration and tension may sometimes make way for a divorce.

Invasion of Personal Space

More than average doting and clinging on the part of a wife may deprive a husband of necessary space and breathing room he needs to grow and relax. Wives sometimes suffocate their husbands after marriage that may cause the dissolution of attraction between them. A disturbing sense of claustrophobia may push a husband to call it a day.

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