Why Should We Love Men


• Because they talk less than women, so we girls can actually talk all we want.

• Because they are not complicated.

• Because most men are logical, so they are easy to figure out.

• Because they warm up our beds without having to spend money on electric blankets.

• Because every now and again they surprise us with flowers, dinners or just hanging up new kitchen cabinets!

• Because we can count on them.

• Because they are not worried about diets, so they do not drink your diet drinks or finish your Special K.

• Because they rarely lie about their age or clothing size.

• Because they behave like little boys when they are hurt or happy.

• Because they are not afraid of the dark, dogs or black cats.

• Because we always know what they are thinking.

• Because they are easily tamed.

• Because they take the rubbish out.

• Because they walk the dog for you when is minus 20 outdoors.

• Because they don't cry. They only get red watery eyes and pretend to be tough.

• Because they look sexy in jeans and interesting in suits.

• Because they spoil us rotten when we are pregnant.

• Because they let us have 80% of the wardrobe space and they sleep on the edge of the bed while we spread out.

• Because he would wear that tartan jacket that you bought him for Christmas.

• Because they don't mind if you forget their birthday, anniversary or any other important date.

• Because they do not complain when you give them pizza again for the third time in the week.

• Because they seduce us, making us feel sexy and wanted.

• Because they like our bodies even if we do not.

• Because they will bring you breakfast in bed just to keep you in bed for a little bit longer...

• Because they cannot fake orgasms.

• Because they give great hugs.

• Because they smell good.

• Because they make us laugh.

• Because they are comfortable to sleep on. They have that snugly bit between shoulder and neck where you can bury your nose in until you fall sleep.

• Because there is nothing better than waking up in the arms of a man and feeling loved, small and vulnerable against his strong body.

• Because they are strong but they can be fragile at the same time.

• Because of the pleasure they give us.

• Because they love to explore our body.

• Because if they say I love you, they generally DO mean I love you.

• Because they whisper sweet words to us.

• Because they make us melt when they tell us "I love you" staring right into our eyes.

• Because they think you still look cute when you have a cold and they offer to rub Vick on your chest.

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