Women Body Types

There are several body types. It?s a description on any kind of human body shape.

This is the thing that you can never change. You may lose weight but you can never transform the type of your body.

You can either be tall, petite, wide-shouldered, pear shaped etc.

Smaller top and wider bottom

This means that you have narrow shoulder, average breast, slender waist and a full thighs, hips and bottom.

The first thing that you have to consider if you have this kind of body is to create a sense of balance.

Here are things that you should remember in choosing the right clothes for you:

For your top wear brighter color, proportional prints and sexy necklines.

Boat neck blouses and off shoulder top are great choices they make your shoulders wider and it create a balance with your hips.

Wear dark color for your bottom. Black, charcoal, midnight blue, and any other dark colors.

Dark color has slimming effect so it makes your bottom smaller.

Try using low rise pants and straight leg pants. They make your hips look smaller so it creates a balance.

An A line skirt will work best for your figure too.

Never use a tight fitting top. It makes the difference of your top and bottom even more visible.

Don?t use pants with side pocket, with drawstring and tapered leg they will make your hips even bigger.

Bigger top and smaller bottom

This means your have slender bottom half and bigger top. The same applies with this body shape.

You have to create a sense of balance by making your top smaller or making your bottom wider.

To get this look use bright colors plain or with prints for your bottom, pleated and tiered skirts and palazzo pants.

They add fullness and create a balance. A short skirt is fine but careful with the length.

If you wear too short then it makes your top even larger.

For your top use a V neck and scoop neck and other top with deeper necklines.

They minimize the look of your bust and shoulder.

Deprive yourself from horizontal stripes they will even make your top even wider.

Tall and Slender

Your bust is small, your waist and hips are narrow and your legs and arms are long and lean.

When buying clothes you have to make sure that they are long enough for you.

You can wear any style of pants as long as the length is good for you.

Your top should be a bit longer to balance the length of your leg too.

With skirts avoid using a mini skirt they make your legs even longer. Long skirts will work best for you.

Use flat and lower heels.You will be the tallest among your friends if you wear long heels.

Wear lighter and softer color with texture fabrics. They will add fullness.

Avoid using dark colors and super tight clothing they will make you more slender.

The best is to look for jacket with large collars and big cuff, they will look good on you.


You are small and short. One thing you have to focus is making your look taller.

Wearing heels is one thing you can consider. A long length, straight or boot leg pants will work best for you.

It creates height and makes your bottom half slimmer.

Another thing idea us wearing monochromatic colors. This will definitely make you look taller.

When it comes to pattern, vertical prints create height and also consider small and delicate patterns.

They will work better for you, so avoid using big patterns. They will make your height even shorter.

Round Figure

If your full bust and midsection, heavier arms and shapely lower legs then overall you have a round figure.

One thing to focus is creating a line to achieve shape and curve. Consider using clothes with print and pattern.

A slightly consistent larger pattern look good on you. Avoid using smaller prints because they make you look even bigger.

The best idea is wearing monochrome which means wearing one single color. Dark colors will make you look smaller. Vertical stripes works best too, they create slimming lines on your body. Stay away with horizontal patterns.

For tops use v neck they will make your bust look slimmer. For pants and skirt choose a straight style.

Don?t wear tapered pants, pleated pants or cargo pants this will give you a fuller figure.

Curvy body and small waist

Your natural curves make you sexy. Your bust, waist and legs look good. You're an envy to every women.

Fitted clothes will look best on you. Try tops and dresses with bias cut they will look perfect on you.

A low v neck or scoop top that reveals a cleavage looks sexy on you.

Don?t wear full blousy style or loose fitting that will hide your figure.

Cropped tops and long boxy tops are not good too. They will draw attention to your bust and make your waist even smaller.

For skirt and pants, wear pencil skirt and low rise pants with a flare bottom.

Stretchy fabrics are good they show off your curves.

When it comes to colors. Solid colors will work better than with prints. If you want to wear with prints look for smaller prints.

You have a great looks so accessorize your wardrobes with belts, sexy shoes and other fashion accessories.

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