Your Flirting Profile

To flirt, all you have to do is take action.

Almost any action at all - with the right mental attitude - is a flirting gesture.

Everybody has the ability to flirt. As little children, we do it naturally. Unfortunately, all that charm, grace, and whimsy usually gets lost somewhere along the path to adulthood.

Somehow, we forget that flirting is as simple as getting along with others, enthralling them with our sensuality and attractiveness, our humor and common sense.

Unearth the treasures in your own personality, by rediscovering all those alluring traits you have been suppressing.

The more you develop, improve, and understands your own flirtatious assets the sooner you can reap the benefits of flirting.

Be Popular

1. Be the bearer of good news.

2. Be a good listener.
3. Go out of your way to meet new people.
4. Pick up the telephone.

5. Learn when not to say anything.

Be Slender

Yes, this is a reminder. Many people still feel that slenderness is so crucial to romantic happiness that they list it on personnel advertisements.

What if you have never been slender? Then don't try to flirt in places where physical attractiveness is most flaunted. Emphasize on your good qualities and go to places and events where interest, knowledge, or ability count most.

Wherever you go, make sure to dress in a way that minimizes your physical flaws and maximizes your physical assets.

Have A Sense Of Humor About Yourself

By flirting, you are attempting to enter a new social circle and this can be interpreted as an intrusion. To dissipate his own anxiety or uncertainty, your potential flirting partner may check you out by verbal sparring with you. These remarks and critiques should not be taken seriously. Never put yourself down. Take these teasing with a grain of salt. Have a sense of humor about yourself.

Be Playful

Flirting is child's play. It is putting the childlike qualities of love, life, and romance back into life. If you are feeling terribly serious or angry or stubborn, you can't flirt. But should you get the urge to do something silly, you are in the most inspired of moods for flirting.

Don't take flirting seriously. You are just testing the romantic water, you are not diving in. With this spirit, you will succeed in bringing out your own childlike candor as well as that of a new companion.

Imagine yourself at a birthday party when you were eight. Think of the fun you had when you make friend with other kids. To flirt successfully, you have to bring out the little boy or girl inside you, the one who has been forgotten in your pursuit for success.


Persistence pays off. Keep that certain person high on your flirting agenda. Do it in a way that makes the person feel attractive. The person won't know that you are persistent. You just continue. He or she will simply think of you as someone really nice.

Show Your Vulnerability

Vulnerability is one of the most critically important assets any flirt can possess. When you flirt you are the aggressor. You select the man or woman you like to flirt with. You decide when to act. You are in control. When you tame this flirting power with vulnerability, your flirting partner will find you exquisitely approachable.

Showing vulnerability means revealing little insecurities in a way that makes them seem like positive assets. Reveal the real, more tender side of you, but don't open yourself up for hurt. Select your revelations intelligently. Consider your flaws. Which of them can be turned into flirting assets?

Flirt With No Expectation Or Reward

To flirt well, you must assume that the pleasure you get from flirting is an end in itself. To expect a flirtation to end in marriage, a new job takes the innocence out of this social interaction.

Have Simultaneous Flirting Objectives

To be a really great flirt, you must spread your risk around. When you get to a party or a place where you might engage in a bit of flirting, never just select just one person to flirt with.

Stay Flexible

Part of the fun of flirting is knowing that anything can happen. You may find love, you may find adventure, and you may taste unusual delights. You won't experience any of these pleasures if you stay in your current mindset.

Flirting will introduce you to more new interests, people, and lifestyles. Being flexible allows you to recognize when something isn't working, and to admit it immediately. Don't stick around when you know you are not wanted or where you are bored. Move on.

Learn To Dance

Dancing has lots of advantages for both men and women. Both women and men look sensual when dancing slow, and very sexy when doing the newest dances. Dancing brings out your creativity; you become more romantic and you unleash the emotional side of you.

There is nothing more flirtatious than dancing with a new partner. When you are dancing with one person, the way you move, the ease with which you move your body, are a; signals to potential flirting partners who are watching. And a flirtatious glance to a new acquaintance, while you are dancing, could be a potent flirting signal.

Show Enthusiasm For The Moment

Intensify your reactions. If you are at a party, appear as if it's the best one you have ever attended. Be dramatic. Be optimistic about how the event might go. Don't appear negative. Be intensely interested in it.

Surround Yourself With Laughter

While making yourself the butt if jokes makes you the center of attention, it is lonely attention. Be amusing, not funny. Have a funny story or joke ready.

Do what the experts do. Subscribe to a comedy newsletter, where you can get current one-liner jokes even before the DJ use them on the radio. Memorize any amusing story you came across. If a joke dies, or no one laughs, ask that person to tell a joke or funny story of her own.

Get Out Of a Win/Lose Mentality

Flirting is a game without scoring. To flirt is to test, cajole, play, try out, and to enjoy. Flirting is non-judgmental. Flirting is not about winning or losing but how you play the game that counts.

Visualize Yourself Flirting

Without a good, clear image of yourself as a successful flirt, you probably won't ever reach the heights of great flirting. You must see yourself, in your mind's eye, doing the town and being congratulated for your panache and sparkling personality.

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