Free Phone Dating Services - How Do They Work?

If you're too shy to approach someone you like, the mobile phone could be a way to go for you. By writing a text message, you'll be able to contact your partner without worrying about rejection. For this year, nearly 4 million subscribers have accessed these dating services. Phone dating services have grown massively over the past years, some service providers claiming that their services are free of charge. When you see ads of phone companies that say "free phone dating services," you can wonder if this can be true. In these advanced times where practically nothing is free, one can not help but wonder what the catch is.

These phone dating services have similar functions. They ask you to register, whether online or through text. Here you choose a user name and give some details about you such as your age, gender, location, and interests. This information falls into a database where other members can access it as you do. They can then send messages to the username, and the other way around. This method is practically safe because you're ready to communicate without necessarily giving out each other's numbers.

In reality, these dating services aren't absolutely free of charge. What they really mean could be a free registration or a free trial of the service. After all, it takes one text message to join and register. After registration, any text message or call that you simply make to a possible date will be charged, depending on their standard rates. For instance, if you would like to create an inquiry of ladies within your local city, you'll be asked to send a keyword or message to a specified number. When the data that you just asked for is ready, these dating phone companies will charge you for that.

There are some mobile phone dating companies that operate in another way. Instead of just sending text messages through the phone service, you'll be able to make an immediate call to someone without revealing your number, or the opposite person's number. While these companies claim to supply free services, the mobile company will still charge you. In effect, the service isn't free, as you're still made to pay in the end.

For some areas and mobile companies, there's what they call proximity dating services. These companies warn you if someone whom you may have an interest in is within a particular radius from you. You are then can send messages to every other, and perhaps decide to meet.

In fact, online dating agencies are more convenient than phone dating services as online dating agencies provide much more different services than just calls. 

Using phone dating services you don't need to log by a computer just to check your messages or email. You can read the text message within some minutes or seconds from the moment it had been sent. That is why more people are into it than internet dating services.

When you see companies that claim to provide free phone dating services, look closer. While they may not charge you for the service, the mobile phone company may still charge you with the standard rates of a text message. But nevertheless, it's a safer and practical way to meet new friends and build new relationships. Ask your mobile company if they have phone dating services. Or you can visit the websites of those service providers. The person you are looking for may just be a text or phone call away. Do not miss your chance, call for it.

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